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Going To Punjab

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Hey guyz

tommorow me leaving to Punjab for 2 months

Can anyone suggest me some good places to visit? (Mainly Punjab)

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Haweli resteraunt in Jallandhar, pure veggie and have entertainment at night

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Watch out Punjab !!

Bond.......................SunnybondSingh is coming

:T: Just Kidding

Have fun...If you have family over there, they can take you to a lot of places of interest.

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Apart from Gurdwaras, which you probably know:

These are the places you should visit

- Rangla Punjab / Haveli , Jalandhar

- Science City, Kapurthala

- Punjab Agricultural University, Rural Museum, Ludhiana

- Chandigarh

- Tiger Safari, Ludhiana

- The back lanes of old bazaars of Amritsar to get some sense of olden times

- all the rehrees that serve junk food i.e. kulche, gol gappe, pau bhaji, etc

- Kanjli Wetlands, Kapurthala

- and many many more

and while you are there help someone sow some paddy to get some insight into Punjabi farming.

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oh thx

yea i have big family in punjab 9 aunts (from both moms and dads side) and 9 uncles

and then each of em has 2-3 kidz

well amost all 10-20

thx guyz

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thread starter person:

U obviously gotta go Amritsar try and go Mehta- Sangats the best there!!! and Hari'a Vel'ha - REAL Nihang-ville :umm:

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