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Sangat Ji, I am planning a week or so at Sri Harmandir Sahib specifically. I dont want to travel anywhere else -just do sewa and get to know the place a little better.

Can anybody recommend:

1. the best way to arrange accomodation at Sri Harmandir Sahib -I understand you can only stay there for 1 night (maybe wrong). Names/ numbers/ process appreciated

2. a good local hotel in the vicinity of Sri Harmandir Sahib. Names of hotels you would recommend/ rates to expect

3. best way to get from Amritsar airport to Sri Harmandir Sahib

I have been many times before but with people who always know the area. I just want to get a back pack, jump on a plane and chill when I get there -without the usual apna carry on/ nonsense antics.

Any assistance apprecitated.

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there are various nivas's around the area. just walk around and you'll find them. it's hard to get a room for more than a few days though. there is also an nri nivas, but you need a passport to get a room there. don't have numbers or anything.

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i stayed at amritsar few weeks ago for a good few days, and i recomend guru gobind singh NRI niwas, u jus gta show ur passport and a room is 500rs a nite. teh accomodation is good, really clean, air conditioned nice beds jus like a good hotel. + deres a mad view of harmandar sahib from the hotel rooms. its jus behind chatar singh jeevan singh book shop.

hoped that helpd

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