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Akjuk Reansbhai Keertan - Bradford

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Vaaheguroo jee kaa Khaalsaa! Vaaheguroo jee kee Fateh!!

With Waheguru`s Grace, a Raensbhai Keertan has been organised by Akhand Kirtani Jatha UK, to commemorate the Parkash Siri Guru HarGobind Sahib Ji. A benti to all Sangat of UK to come together and immerse yourself in Laha of Gurbani at this Raensbhai Keertan. It will be held on Saturday 11th July, from 7pm to 5am at Guru Gobind Singh Gurdwara, Leeds Road, Bradford BD3 9JN.

For more information, please contact Bhai Jagjit Singh – 07985 112528

Coach transport will be leaving Southall at 5pm and Slough at 5.30pm. To book your place please contact Bhai Satnam Singh on 07956 519256


This Month, Akhand Kirtani Jatha will be doing in addition to the above, other smagams in California (USA), and Toronto (Canada). Many of these will be broadcasted live on www.akj.org.

Recordings of smagams from Los Angeles, (USA), Brisbane (Austrailia), Derby (UK), Jallandhar (India) New Delhi (India), and New York (USA) are now available to download on www.akj.org

Vaaheguroo jee kaa Khaalsaa! Vaaheguroo jee kee Fateh!!


Benthee too all Pyaaree Sangathaa to attend, gain Lahaaa and Bless us local Moorakhs with your Charan Dhooor! :)

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I've also heard that Bibi Sant Kaur (Amritsar) & Bhai Gurdev Singh (Australia) & Bh Gurpreet Singh Shimla will b @ the rainsbaee. :D

Can't waittt....!!!!!!

wooowa rehansabai was amazinnnnnn waheguru hall was packed totally omg

giani ji jus killed it waheguru and bibi sant kaur ji did amzin kirtan :p


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    • Back in the days, women of Panjab wore either a Suthan style trouser (which could be loose or tight), a Ghagra or a Tehmat/Dhoti (mainly west Panjab). They wore a Kurti, which was shorter than the modern Kameez and if you go a bit back, some could be seen wearing a Choli too. Suthan style trousers eventually evolved into the modern salwar during the 1900s.  It would be nice to see women reviving these dresses again.  Typical dress of a Panjabi women from Amritsar 1875.   The Suthan looked like this. These photos range from the the 1870s to early 1900s.     The Ghagra was worn over trousers when heading outside, mainly by Sikh and Hindu women.  The Dhoti or Tehmat was mainly worn by Muslim Panjabi women from a certain area of west Panjab as Sikh women preferred a Ghagra. 
    • Paper seems glossy. And it seems in great condition for something so puratan.  I don't think back home are too hot on verification. More details would be great, but I'm not holding my breath.
    • Nah, he was jutt innit. Have to be 'bruin' innit. lol!  Plus, why miss a chance to prance around like a bandher! Who in their right mind would do that? You're not making sense.    Plus it was a low risk move in any case. Even if she blanked him, he could always go back to bhund maaring his synchronised bhangra 'brothers'.     
    • First, It is all in the hukam of Sri Akal Purakh sahib. Sikhs are never afraid of the numbers (there were days, where we were left just in thousands). Have we been focused on numbers, whole world would be amritdhari by now. So, that is not enough reason to allow multi-religious wedding where other faith teaching such as kafir ideology, my god is superior of all etc..  Second, if they are not sikh religious then why not get married in a church or court house? What tomorrow, you are going to raise the point that we are small in numbers and we may offend someone, so why not we simple remove the rule of covering head in hazzori of guru sahib. Where it will end? 
    • Harmonium is not what our guru sahib jee used. However, i have no quarrel whether to use it to not as long as focus is 100% being devoted to Gurbani.  In Sikh culture, salwar kameez and kurta pajama is also not our culture either. Not many ppl are aware of this.
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