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Typical traits, if someone doesn’t agree with something then they’d rather promote doubt. Many Punjabis are natural doubters; we can historically see it with any Panthic project/morcha etc. Support has always been weak and only they few ever support a Sikh cause, the rest self-justify not supporting the Sikh cause. To be honest, deep down inside I didn’t think 10,000 Sikhs would ever commit to a DD to support anything, I am however pleasantly surprised that as many as 7,500 did.

No matter what conspiracy theories people post on the internet, for the first time in UK history many dissimilar Sikhs have united via the Sikh Channel. This is pretty revolutionary and goes on further to promote a united Sikh voice. In years to come we will be seeing massive intangible benefits within the Sikh Community because of a Sikh Channel.

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Pannner Monster??

Have you been in the broadcast industy???

Why should you get people to pay for BritAsia??? Thats not even his Channel.

What dont u get in you head??

It seems so that you have issues with Mr Bal and Brit Asia.

It you dont like the £4 campain, then dont give £4, im sure SikhChannel is not going to die over 1 £4 DD.

And you just seem so negitive about everything...

SikhChannel IS NOT part of Brit Asia.

Im sure BritAsia is run as a business, and funded by the singers and production/marketing of a new song etc, EG: T-Serise...Fine Touch.

You seem so positive about SikhWorld TV? well? can i ask, how much has Mr Charnpreet Singh raisedd sooo far???

And Oh Yeah, Charnpreet SIngh used to WORK for BritAsia! hahaha!

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Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru,

Aren't you lot ashamed? Arguing with each others, are you lot not brothers / sisters?

When we have the right to argue with someone, we don't...

When we have the right not to argue with a Sikh, we do?

Aren't you lot ashamed?

Just do this, people who think Sikh channel are frauds, don't give them £4 a month. Fullstop.

Waheguru has done kirpa on us, and will help us in the future...

Two words for the people who say sikh channel are frauds : SHUT UP!

Please think.

We blame RSS/Indian Government, for making divisions in our KAUM, look at yourselves...

Waheguru Waheguru...

Waheguru Ji Ka KHalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Firstly, i apologise if this offends anyone.

Secondly, Singh#

Please yourself SHUT UP because you are really starting to get on my nerves and probably the majority of other users.

For the rest of you forceful individuals,

No one is obligated to pay anything to the Sikh Channel. If they want to donate, they can. They do not require to set up a direct debit.

So what if they did not receive the requested 10,000 direct debits. Whats your point? They wanted 10,000 direct debits of £4. That equates to £40,000 correct?

Now i saw a thank you to a Gurdwara in Italy pledging £400 odd to the channel monthly. Now this equates to a 400 direct debits. Now again, is the sikh channel requesting direct debits or monies from sangat to run the channel. I can guarentee people who have set up direct debits also, have not just set up £4 but some will have donated the higher amounts because they have money to do so.

Thirdly, before anyone else dictates we can give money to Zee Tv etc, lets correct ourselves. Those of you following a Gursikhi Jeevan, do you contribute to the extra cost of the Zee network? Probably not seeing as (or i hope) your not interested in the Gandh the network produce. Therefore, by stating if we can give money to Zee why not the Sikh Channel is a pretty crap reason to TELL people to donate.

Maharaj runs the channel through the sangat. When will you people get that into your heads? We bang on about the importance of a Sikh channel and the education etc it provides but have forgotten all of the basic fundamentals Guru Nanak Dev Ji taught us.

I was under the impression after the 31st the channel would cease. This was not the case. Not because the sangat didnt reach the target or your precious Mr Bal is funding the extra cash. Its because its the WILL OF AKAAL PURAKH to keep the channel open.

For those who believe people like myself who have not set up a direct debit are here to put doubts in peoples mind, get a damn life. We are ALL humans with a brain and can think for ourselves. Just as its easy for you to say we encourage bad thoughts of the channel, are you not in turn through your "sweet" words brainwashing people to accept the channel has no flaws and is perfect? The answer is Yes.

Let people decide for themselves.

So you know. I have no problem setting up a direct debit to a SIKHI Cause. I do however have a problem putting money into something i do not see running according to Gurmat principles but claim to be for the panth, e.g. Bibia with Dastars and wearing makeup (BIG NO). Before anyone says i have all the knowledge to set up a channel so why dont i or go on the show and do something. No, i dont have the knowledge and no i do not wish to go on the Show. I have no need because im not a defensive loner who needs to behave childish in my actions of " why dont you do it then. " I do however feel it is important to ensure the opinions of EVERYONE can be said freely and not be told to SHUT UP because you cant handle it that there are a few people out there who do not always allow wool to be pulled over their eyes just because there is something new for the panth.

It is good there is a sikh channel, i do watch it and i enjoy watching it but does not mean i have to pay for it.

So you are aware, i have no problem saying what i have said above in person, to anyone. Please, think of that before you decide i can only make comments on the internet.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh.

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Paneer Monster,

My intention was not to insult you and I hope you do not feel I am attacking you, I just cannot see why you have such a problem with a Sikh channel on air.

Come on Yaar, be man enough to say "I am not going to donate £4.00 per month to this channel (that is your right) but I wish it well and i hope it prospers and spreads gurbani to all who watch."

We shall all watch with baited breath at the transparancy of the Sikh world accounts ;)

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I dont see why i should have to say anything more. i am being told to say "i dont wish to contribute but i wish sikh channel well"... why are other people not being told "well thats his opinion, i believe x y and z?".

i did not say i want sikh channel to fail and i did not say that the sikh channel does not bring any benifit to anyone. i do not believe i have to say anything more.


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It is good there is a sikh channel, i do watch it and i enjoy watching it but does not mean i have to pay for it.


In regards to the rest of your “articulate” yet not so CALM tone above, to me it indirectly communicates a personal grievance with the people who are involved in the Sikh Channel. It’s unfair to use that to talk down to others in order to get your view across.

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Mod Note: Well well well......I see people have realy been working on their jeevans this summer.....keep it clean children or this thread will end up in the trash where it belongs.....after reading some of the replies thats exactly where it belongs!!

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