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What Are The Five Rehats?

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Waheguru ju i Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

I was just reading SE KINEHIYA?

and i came across this:

”A mortal who receives the amrit of khanda and batta, does Nitnem of seven prayers, refrains from the four bad sins (kurehat literally means misdemeanours) and adopts the five rehats, is then never taken by the angels of death (yamraj). His soul reaches the feet of the Guru straight after death and his consciousness...

what are these ji?

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It is told by Bhaee Nand Lal ji as under in his Rehatnama:-

"Gursikh Rehat sunahu mere meet, Utthh parbhat karahu hit cheet.

( first rehat to wake up in Amrit vela )

Waheguru pun mantra su jaap, Kar isnaan parhe Jap, Jaap.

(second rehat to do simran and Nitnem)

Darsan kare mera funn aaye, Adab seo betthh rahe chit laaye.

(Daily guru ka darshan is the third rehat)

Teen pehar jab beete jaan, Kathha sune Gur hit chit tthhaan.

(Fourth rehat to do satsang)

Sandhya samae sunehe Reharaas,Keertan kathha sune har jaas.

(FIfth rehat to do Rehraas in evening time)

Paanch nem kar sikh ju dhaarehe, Ikkees kul kutamb kao taarehe.

And Bhaee Dayaa Singh ji tells as :-

"Rehat ehee hae jo ,(i)Masandeeye (2)dheermaliye (3)Raamraiye,(4)Ser

mundatt : enha naal vartana naahi.


2)Singhon kee seva

3)Sabad ka abhyaas,

4)Shastar vidya seekhnee,

5)Munn Waheguru our rakhe, oupar ka swaas aave tao Waheguru,

antt ka Waheguru munn vast kare.

Paanch karam na kare tao jeevan mukat hoe:-

Pardhan, Par-istaree,Par-ninda, juuaa, Madira.

Ands Bhaee Kahan Singh ji Nabha tells in"GURMAT MARTAND"AS:-

"Kesh, Kirpaan, Kachchh, Kangha, and Karha, enha panjan di Rehat rakhani.

Bhul chuk khima Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh.

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