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How To Print Out A Gutka Sahib Correctly?

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Could someone please post instructions on how to properly put together a gutka sahib that's going to be printed out from the net? There's one with English translations, I'd like to add some banian to it (along with their english translations), print it out, and bind it. It's the binding part I need help with.

At present my plan is to print 2 angs of the Gutka sahib on one piece of normal size paper, that way I can fold the paper in half and staple it in the middle. This should create a decent size gutka sahib as anything that is too big is unwieldy. CAn anyone offer a better way to do this??

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Wjkk Wjkf Veer Jeo,

I would say, for your purposes something called 'Perfect Binding' would be appropriate as it is relatively easy to do and results in a nice paperback style output. There are of course other methods as well, but I would say for a beginner perfect binding is a more simpler method.

You may want to read articles on http://www.diybookbinding.com, also have a look at their forums.

Some other links you may find helpful:

General Overview: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Book_binding

How to make a 100-page Notebook: http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-100-page-Notebook/

There are many other good how-tos on Intstructables.com, just have a look happy.gif

All the best!


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Thanks ! :)

I think the A5 size paper ream is available in the market. And any printer supports that size.

You can print Gutka sahib and then do Perfect thermal binding

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