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Head Covering For Singhnis

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Fateh Jee

Just wondered whether there's any Amritdhari women who do not wear Keski, how do you cover your head? Isnt it difficult to cover it all the time with a chunni, and the patka with chunni over the top resembles the islamic scarf a little, so just wondering how you manage it?



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I have seen women in toronto tie this style of patka:Joora patka style

I think this style is better then just a rumaal, becuz rumaal slip off, this stays on longer if u tie a rumaal underneath then tie patka, and plus all ur hair gets covered properly,

but to tell u the truth dastar is the most comfortable, i use to do a joora but i have really heavy hair, so when i started tying a dastar it felt the most comfortable, ur choice to tie it on ur ears or over, u can do so many styles

you do not have to wear a chunni over ur dastar or patka, its ur choice basically

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Fateh Jee

Thankyou Bhainjee :) that was really helpful, that style looks a lot better than the chunni and the rumaal. It's almost a Keski really I guess.

Thanks again :cool:

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