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Listen O Blind And Unguided Loi

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Jeo,

'Loyi' is Kabeer Ji's wife :) He says shes complaining to him that he honours saints too much, that she and her kids don't even have enough to eat while he feeds the saadhus well, etc. To this, Kabir Ji is telling her to be in the sanctuary of these saints as they are the true support that saves (us) from drowning in the sea of vices :)

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Oh i see. But to call his wife blind and unguided sounds a little harsh to me. But maybe it isn't. Thank you for the help!


ਅੰਧਲੀ which has here been translated as "blind" also means agyani, without wisdom; ਬੇਪੀਰਿ, translated as "unguided", means nigura, one without a guru or spiritual preceptor. Though Bhagat Kabir Ji is addressing his wife directly in this passage, in a wider context he is indirectly addressing all of us who are blind and unguided and married to Maya (illusion), the wife that Kabir Ji mentions a little later on in that composition. (That Kabir Ji calls Maya the wife of the world is indicative of how close we are attached to illusion, it shouldn't be read as some form of criticism of women.)


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1 - to understand real meaning , we should refer and imbibe meaning fully

by reading and understanding the meaning of the rahao tuk as it is the

central idea of the shabad all lines are extensions to clarify the meaning of

the central idea .

2 When ever we read and try to understand gurbani , we should remember

that it is expressed to motivate us towards prabhubhakti , hence all shabads

are indirectly addressed to US , whether the lines say - sunahu ri loi,

ri loi, kahu Nanak , sunahu man merey etc

in the same vein the Bhagat ji is addressing really to us , the readers , that

with serving and Listening to the teachings of the true sants shall we

reach the Goal of our life

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Bhagat ji is addressing us, humans, in general through his wife who is one from humanity.

None of the saints were harsh, they were the sweetest people alive because they took on the virtuous qualities of god and controlled the 5 vices including anger.

A person with no ego would not find this harsh at all but would see this to be the truth, it is only harsh because it hurts an ignorant person's ego, (including mine), because we are blind and unguided, if we we're not we would be following every single one of Guruji's instructions and would have found god by now.

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