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Gurdwara In Nwfp Pakistan Being Used As A Library


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w l singh, dont strain your brain cell on what i am. If you cannot understand that there is a difference between the (pre-47) administrative unit called Jalandhar Division, and the District of Jalandhar, then what fault is that of mine?

:o Good grief !! This Chatanga fellow is seriously demented. I've said 'jilla' several times. And I've even gone all 'standard' Punjabi and said 'zilla'. Chatanga, do you not understand what a Punjabi means when he says 'jilla' (zilla) ?

You have to be the strangest person on this message board. In one post I stated how Jalandhar DISTRICT...i.e JILLA, was muslim dominated pre-1947. Instead of accepting it like a normal person you've chased me around this thread like a demented muppet repeatedly going on about some British adminstered division which includes such classic malwai areas such as Ludhiana and Ferozpur.

Why ? :wacko: Who...except you...doesn't understand what the term 'Jalandhar Jilla' means ? Every other Punjabi Sikh would not even mistakingly include Hoshiarpur in any talk of Jalandhar jilla, despite both being classic doaba....simply because the land / soil quality and 'Saini farmer' issue marks Hoshiarpur as fundamentaly different. But you Chatanga, you keep rabbiting on about malwai Ludhiana and Ferozpur in the issue of the muslims that inhabited Jalandhar jilla. That is seriously mental.

I really can't be conversing with you no more Chatanga. I've honestly never met anyone as silly as you.

There were divisions, provinces...all sorts of things...during British administration of Punjab....But don't you realise we're not talking about any of those things ? Well, I say 'we're not'....what I mean is nobody else is...only you. We're talking about Jalandhar jilla. Isn't there some elder in your extended family you could go and ask what a jilla (zilla) is ? :)

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the population of muslims in panjab in 1947 was approx 53%, and all over india about 26%. This was taken from the figures in the 1941 consensus.

If Hindustan remained united the Musla population could have been controlled better. The former Hindu kingdoms of Indonesia and Malaysia, proves how they can grow from 50% to near to 90%. Also they were quick to support the British Christians in their mission to conquer India. Then this Muslim demand came for Pakistan but many did not go there. In India they have grown from 8% to 14%. Guru Gobind Singh Ji did not trust them when they sweared on the Quran and was against the Pahari Rajas for marrying their daughters to the Turks.

Although Allah is mentioned in Gurbani but one needs be warned about the Allah preached in the revelation:

"The Jews call 'Uzair a son of God, and the Christians call Christ the son of God. That is but a saying from their mouth; (in this) they but imitate what the unbelievers of old used to say. God's curse be on them; how they are deluded away from the Truth! They take their priests and their anchorites to be their lords in derogation of God, and (they take as their Lord) Christ the son of Mary. Yet they were commanded to worship but One God: there is no god but He. Praise and glory to Him! (Far is He) from having the partners they associate (with Him)" (9:30-31).

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Instead of accepting it like a normal person you've chased me around this thread like a demented muppet repeatedly going on about some British adminstered division which includes such classic malwai areas such as Ludhiana and Ferozpur.

chasing you? why would i need to chase you? seems that you class yourself as really important. what a tosser.

demented as i am, i will repeat, that there is a difference between the Jalandhar Division, and the District of Jalandhar. If a muppet like can understand this, what the hell would that make you?

and FYI i have no problem in accepting muslims as a majority anywhere, jalandhar or not, although the consensus figures from that time, show that Jalandhar Division had a muslim minority, and each of its constituent districts showed a muslim minority.

Even if the muslims were the largest single community in each or any of these districts, it mattered little, as the criteria was where the muslim/non-muslim community was dominant. So either the muslim or non-muslim communty had to show they were over 50% in the districts and divisions.

Like i sed earlier, your stupidity reminds me of our leaders in the pre=partition times.

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demented as i am, i will repeat, that there is a difference between the Jalandhar Division, and the District of Jalandhar.

Thank god for that. It's finally got through. :) Can you now please explain to us then why you keep quoting percentage figures for some DIVISION , when the initial point was about the DISTRICT........and everything I've said since has been about the DISTRICT ? If you know there's a difference between the district and the division why on earth did you start talking about the division when you knew that had nothing to do with anything being talked about here ?

You've acted incredibly stupidly.....in a way that shows up your lack of knowledge and reasoning skills....but your pride refuses to let you accept it. You constantly try and dig your way out of the hole you dug yourself by abusing me, thinking that will draw attention away from your self.

I pity the Phd research fellow that ever decides to do a paper on the muslim population of Jalandhar district pre-1947. You'll probably stalk him before kidnapping and torturing him.

Did something really bad happen to you in Jalandhar district when you were younger ? Did you use to be a catholic and in the charge of catholic priests at Jalandhar cathedral ?

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bighead west london singh

this is what i wrote in post no 5:

Jalandhar Division Muslim population pre-partition was 34.53 %. Each of the districts in the Jalandhar Division(Ludhiana,Ferozepor,Jalandhar,Hoshiarpur, and Kangra) had non-muslim majority, which is why it stayed seperate from Pakistan.

You didnt understand it then, but you understand it now? I never said that the Jalandhar division and district were the same. Your stupidity said that i said it.

and your bighead refused to acknowledge that you were and are a little boy in a grown-ups debate.

again i re-iterate:

"west london singh, your stupidity reminds me of our leaders in 1947".

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The problem is the whole thinking of Islam, the muslim scriptures preach hate there is no way round this either the muslims follow the quran or they do not. There if the Quran preaches bigoted hate and discrimination against non Muslims then this is what muslims will follow and believe.

If you think the problem in Malaysia or Indonesia is bad, look at all strongholds of Sikhism other than India, there are bigger majority of Muslims in every case , take the UK the Muslims population is exploding just look at primary and secondary schools in major cities like Birmingham and London, the majority of pupils are Muslim , when have you ever seen a majority Sikh schoold ? Problems of integration are going to get worse in the UK and innocent people will probably get hurt. We should lobby the govertment to stop immigration of Muslims to the UK, and send back the illegal immigrants, illegals in the UK are out of control .

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    • there's too many Kenya Singhs in those kinda gurdwaras, really chummy chummy with the goras and politicians, fixo the beards to the max and younger generations just trimming it instead of getting into the fixo malarkey, lack of open beards and turbans you can take off like hats, don't make for intimidating or annakhi singhs. I heard that pakistanis try to pickup girls from the Slough Ramgharia gurdwara.  They need to join with the other 2 gurdwaras in Slough to help them out, they can't act like the elders did where they split from the Singh Sabha gurdwara because they were too aggressive, now is the time to use that aggression.  And the Guru Maneyo Granth gets nationwide sangat on Sundays, so just use those numbers in Slough! in these gurdwaras, gyanis and sewadaars are known by the regular sangat, and regular sangat is close knit. Activities and panjabi schools are also good as most of the same children come.  In both areas, I don't like the lack of cooperation between Ramgharia and Singh Sabha gurdwaras. Overall it's a benefit to have gurdwaras in at least 2 different locations in big towns and cities. But it's bad if they don't cooperate, especially in major issues that Khalsa is known for. Ramgharia gurdwaras like to rep up Maharaja Jassa Singh Ramgharia, with the Slough gurdwara even having a statue. But the lack of keeping Khalsa rehit, looking too scared and cowardly to keep full beards or open beards, not acknowledging the Khalsa Nihang Singh mentality of Jassa Singh and being stuck in the kenya Singh mentality, not even willing to read Chaupai Sahib properly during Rehras, and many of these Ramgharia gurdwaras are not even willing to keep basic rehit of allowing sitting on the floor for langar and allowing shoes inside as well, all these behaviours aren't working for chardi kala of the panth! It's like they are trying to keep their own type of sikhi, it's not even a tradition, just being stuck in their own box, they are not in the colonial British army, or serving in the world wars, or making train tracks or some other jobs for the gora, why do they behave this way, this archaic stuff in gurdwara? And doesn't do justice to Jassa Singh Ramgharia, who would have been a rehitee Nihang Singh, annakhi Singhs who defeated the enemies and kept in the brotherhood of the Khalsa with the other misls, even after their whole misl was excommunicated expelled from the panth, they still rejoined the Khalsa and helped defeat the enemies! I don't see them trying to integrate with the rest of the panth in the ramgharia gurdwaras, not like Jassa Singh, obviously it's the elders who instil these mentalities, with some of the youngsters trying to connect back into sikhi!
    • Try get CBT - Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a type of talking therapy. It is a common treatment for a range of mental health problems. CBT teaches you coping skills for dealing with different problems. It focuses on how your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes affect your feelings and actions. It can help overcome anxiety. In the UK you can self-refer to a professional service offering CBT therapy. I know a few people who have had this and it helped with their social anxiety. 
    • Apne were getting married at stupidly young ages in the past.  My great grandmother had my grandfather when she was just 13.  There was a time when the life expectancy in India was just 40. Thankfully this is no longer that common but I've read in very backwards parts of Punjab it still occurs.  No excuses for it in today's age. And even when it did happen in the past it was between two similar aged people, not a 65 year old an a 9 year old. 
    • That does seem to be a thing in more isolated areas. But I like those kind of gurdwareh. 
    • Paint over the graffiti and move the sign in the right direction for starters.  The community is gradually moving out of these areas, it's a slum now. Once the elders have passed, the exodus will probably expedite.
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