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** Annual Barsi Of Sant Baba Thakur Singh Jee Khalsa Bhindranvale **

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Seems every year so many new faces come and get inspiration of the immaculate jeevani of such a Gursikh. You can clearly see how massive the kamai of Baba ji was, as even after 6 years of them leaving for sach khand, more and more youngsters are being inspired by their life and jeevani. The smagaam was amazing, well done to all the sevadaars and may maharaj continue to do such kirpa on you all.

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Program was nice and loads of ppl showed up last night.

One small suggestion.. next time pls. have "live tv" team to use less flood flights or have them change the angle..


I will look at the videos etc and try to get them edited slightly so when shown on tv again the lights will be better hopefully. It was the first time i think that they have done a live broadcast - hopefully in the future it will be a lot better. The team are very profesional in there approach and the way they do things - im sure the quality will go better and better.

Yeh - it was a brilliant smagam - was a shame due to weather and other reasons that some of the other parcharaks could not attend. But wth satguru granth sahib jees kirpa it went well.

The singhs in the katha said some gupt bachans that the singhs internally know but for the last 25 years have kept gupt as per the wishes of singhs involved.

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