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Vaheguruu ji ka khalsa, Vaheguruu ji ki fateh

Are there any programs happening in east london area between 25th til about 3rd of january?

Smaagams/kirtan programs at gurughars, even sangats house kirtan programs...

All program information would be wonderful!

(preferrably the 'sangat style' ie. AKJ, youth, etx.)

Or inbox me any numbers/contact information I can get in touch with.

Thanks in advance :D

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Simran session every friday 7:30 pm- 9:00 pm seven kings gurdwara sahib

simran session wednesday 8:00 pm -10:00 pm Mata Sahib Kaur Sikh Academy

simran session thursday 8:30pm- 9:15 pm Karamsar Gurdwara Sahib

6:00pm 24th dec- 6:00 am 25th dec akhand jaap at karamsar gurdwara sahib

keep checking http://www.sikhacademy.co.uk/ for east london events

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they are all youth events, and all are on the floor sangatee style...

be warned with wednesday prog, its a little bit hit and miss with whether its on or not, some weeks it just doesnt happen lol. but its next level when it is on with bhai jagpal singh, bhai jagmeet singh.

but friday definetly every week, thursday i dont really go alot but i believe its well organised and on every week. i enjoy it alot when i go.

i dont know about the akhand jaap for sure but im guessing it is on the floor aswell

there will defo be something at all three of these places for new years.

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