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Guru Gobind Singh Ji'S Early Education


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Bhai Kesar Singh Chibbar mentions that Bhai Harjas Rai taught gurmukhi script to Guru Gobind Rai Ji.He wa a well versed scholar. Within a year, Guru Gobind Rai Ji became fluent i Persian and learnt the whole of Sahib Sri Guru granth Sahib Ji in a matter of six months. Guru Tegh Bahadhur ji educated the child Guru Gobind Rai in the art of weaponry;horse riding, archery, spear fighting and swimming.

According to the Bhatt Vahi and Guru Kian Sakhian, the art of weaponry and horse riding was delivered to Guru Ji by Bhai Bujjr Shah BVhat. The child Guru mastwered worldly knowledge and the art of war fare in 3 years. The child Guru was very intelligent and handsome.

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