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World Ardaas Day For Bhai Pal Singh

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Someone sent me this (Can admin please make this a sticky, thanks).

RSVP on facebook: https://www.facebook...149587588444996 Please invite all those you know


Bhai Pal Singh


World Ardas Day for Bhai Pal Singh - 19.6.2011

Sikh organisations around the world are calling for all Sikh Gurdwara's to observe a special Ardas (Prayers) for Bhai Pal Singh on Sunday 19th June 2011.


It has become an increasing concern that Punjab is full of drugs and Sikhi is on the wane. Bhai Pal Singh, a well-known social humanitarian, saw these things too, and decided to leave the comforts of family and life in the West to try to make a difference there. He spoke at schools, organised keertans in villages, and put on educational dramas to raise awareness about social ills, especially the disease of drug addiction, and the powerful people who benefit from it.

In true Sikh spirit, he served the youth and disadvantaged of all religions. He travelled throughout Punjab, speaking about peace and understanding between faiths and across society. He inspired people with his simple, honest words, and through his positive activism, provided hope in communities lacking hope. He spoke up against age-old injustices like casteism, the low status of women, and vested interest groups that prevented common people from living with dignity.

Clearly, his work offended important people: in July 2010, Pal Singh was arrested on false terrorism charges – a common silencing tactic in Punjab.

Today he remains in prison, denied medical treatment, with little hope of a fair trial, and his life at risk. During his detention for almost 275 days, Pal Singh has been severely tortured. He has lost sight in one eye, and now has significant health problems from the brutal torture. Due to Bhai Pal Singh being a French national, French officials have requested medical attention for him. This has been denied on numerous occasions by Punjab Police.

Bhai Pal Singh could easily prove his innocence from the framed charges, if given the opportunity. However the Punjab Police has ensured that he has missed seven consecutive court dates, hence denying him any chance of freedom, and making a further mockery of the Indian Justice system. According to independent sources, on one occasion the Punjab Police ensured that he missed the time slot by leaving the jail so late, that when they arrived at Court, the Judge had already left the building.

Bhai Rajinder Singh Purewal, General Secretary of Akhand Kirtani Jatha UK said "We have requested the Jathedars of all 5 Takhts to lead the World Ardaas at the Takhts.

Bhai Pal Singh is an innocent man, who has been severely tortured, by a regime that is targetting NRIs who wish to create a Punjab without drugs. We request all Sikhs around the world to join us in Ardaas for Bhai Sahib's chardi kala and release."

Simranjit Singh Mann, a former Punjab MP stated, "these charges are fabricated and politically motivated".

Voices for Freedom stated "It is a well-known reality now that just to satisfy its masters, Punjab Police every now and then captures innocent Sikhs. This illegal detention of a peace loving, Indian born French national Pal Singh, is another episode of ongoing injustice against Sikhs".

We condemn the use of torture on Pal Singh. The Punjab Police are in breach of the High Court's orders by denying him access to the medical attention he desperately needs, and have repeatedly failed to bring him to his Court dates to cause unnecessary delay.

And finally, let us not forget that Pal Singh is one of hundreds of innocent Sikh prisoners languishing in Indian jails, some for over 20 years. Many of these have been mistreated and denied due judicial process. Meanwhile outside, their families suffer in silence and poverty.

We ask you all to join us on World Ardas Day to pray for Bhai Pal Singh, the other Sikh prisoners, and in the spirit of 'Sarbat Da Bhalla', all innocent prisoners world-wide.

Further reading, 'Bhai Pal Singh- A personal reflection': http://gurmatbibek.c...14451#msg-14451

RSVP on Facebook https://www.facebook...149587588444996 Please invite all those you know.

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ki Fathe,

Please ensure you get involved and you make sure the Gurdwara in your area is also part of this event.

Also a benti to you all, please can you post this video on to your facebook/twitter accounts and make sure all friends and families know about this event.


Please log on to www.prisonerwelfare.com for more information or contact us.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ki Fathe.

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