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Akhand Paath At Home

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Daas is intending to start playing whole akhand paaths from an mp3 file at my house and was wondering if there is any maryada i should follow? The device will be a small hifi system playing mp3 recording of akandpaath i have downloaded.

vjkk vjkf

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VaheGuru Jee Kaa Khalsa

VaheGuru Jee Kee Fatheh!

That's a great idea when you can't make the necessary arrangements to carry out Sri Akhand Paath Sahib Jee and want to take the Rass from listening to Baani.

I've done this too ... What I did was I ensured the room and area where the Paath was played was cleaned and made sure to move unnecessary things like TV/Stereo out the room or just shift to a different side of the room, unplug it and cover with a cloth so no-one accidently switches it on.

Alongside Paath, you could have your Laptop on with the translations or follow the Gurbaani whilst Paath being played ... There's Maryaada for this too like ensuring the PC/Laptop is 'clean' ... i.e. no unnecessary clutter of dodgy files/pictures/music etc and no other windows should be up alongside the Baani ...

Let everyone know that Paath will be played in that particular room and when entering keep a level of personal hygiene and no shoes allowed ... Also when in the room ensure that no-one speaks/talks ... Try to be strict about keeping the atmosphere peaceful and quiet where one is to just listen attentively to the Pavittar Baani.

In the room, I put cloth on the floor and sit in lotus position (cross-legged as you do in the Gurdwara), avoid lying down.

Also, I light incense sticks (dhoof) and you could light a Joyth but that's optional, just to make the atmosphere tranquil ...

If there's anymore ways of keeping to Maryaada please do post up ...

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