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Lost The Plot Sangat Tv


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I am quite taken aback by some of the closed minded attitudes by some of the people on this thread; and yet they have the cheek to complain when it is they who are victims of other peoples close mindedness.

What many of you fail to see here is that three innocent men have died as a result of the disgusting attitude of others during the recent riots. Forget the stupid use of mere labelling - they are human beings above everything else. So what if Sangat TV are broadcasting the funeral? Good for them! Sorry but some of you must have forgot the part where Sri Guru Nanak Dev Jee said there is no Hindu or Muslim and that we are all one and that God is in everyone and everything. The funeral reminds the viewer of God does it not? So what if its Islamic-orientated? God has no religion. Whether the channel was spending this time on something sikhi orientated, its still "God-focused". Besides, this programme is a one off in memory of those poor men who lost their lives. Sangat TV is not bladdy broadcasting the Adhaan every morning instead of or alongside Nitnem baania, nor is it broadcasting regular muslim programmmes - only then I could begin to understand some of your criticisms.

The channel is doing the right thing. The producers or whoever, are being decent human beings who are paying respects to those innocently killed. The last time I checked, I didn't know Sikhs only cared for or remembered the death of "their own". Also, so what if muslim channels wouldn't do the same if it was a group of Sikhs who died? The attitude of "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine" is not only childish, but it completely opposes the concept of sevaa.

For example, take the case of langar. Just because the church, synagogue, mandir or mosque don't serve langar like the gurdwarae do - it doesn't mean we will stop feeding people who belong to such.

Even if the muslim channels never ever acknowledge the Sikhs or any personal losses within the community, remember - two wrongs don't make a right.

Keep up the good work Sangat TV.

Vaaheguroo Jee Kaa Khaalsaa Vaaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh!

I have no affiliation or views on Sangat TV.

But I agree with the majority of your post. PLEASE just a benti to cyber sangat, concentrate on building constuctive relationships. Concentarate on your own jeevan and become good, outstanding humans with huamanitary qualities only then will you be able to call yourself a good sikh. As only someone who is a good human can cliam to be a good sikh. Sikhi is the pinicale.

You can keep amritvela, do nitnem and dasvandh in every sense but if you hate and nindya others is that really increasing your kamai and bringing you towards satguru maharaj? Don't HATE muslims, hindus or anyone else. Sikhi has taught us not to hate a religion, hate and fight the oppresor!

I have read posts on other threads about being a doormat etc. Trust me I'm not one, I'm 6"2 and train. So what if I believe in unity. Check my posts I have in the past stated my offices and location. When there was beadbi going on about images of satguru maharaj Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji (greatest person to walk the earth), not one person met from this site me even though they said they would.

Look when someone goes through bad times like I have and I am currently trying to get past, it's better to understand love than fester in hate. Read gurbani, lose the hate.

End of the day IK ONKAR. We are all waheguru's children.

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