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Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

Upon the request of Sant Jagjit Singh Ji Harkowal

The Barsi of Sant Baba Aaya Singh Ji Hoti Mardanvale will be celebrated for the first time in the UK.

An Akhand Path Sahib will be held on Thursday the 13th of October where the Aramb will be at 6pm.

The Bhog will then be on Saturday the 15th of October at 6pm after which the Sant Smagam will take place till 11pm.

Several Mahapurkhs will gather at the Sant Smagam to celebrate this auspicious occasion.

Mahapurakhs attending:

Sant Jagjit Singh Ji Harkowal

Sant Joginder Singh Ji Damelivale

Bhai Sahib Bhai Mohinder Singh Ji Guru Nanak Nishkam Sevak Jatha

Sant Baljinder Singh Ji Rarasahibvale

Along with some proclaimed Kirtani Jathe and Parchariks presently in the UK.

This will be a Katha & Kirtan Darbar, where we can all learn about Baba Aaya Singh Ji's Jeevan and Kamai

and also the benefit of having such Great Mahapursh in our Panth.

'My soul, body and wealth belong to the Saints; my mind longs for the dust of the Saints.

And by the radiant grace of the Saints, all my doubts have been erased. O Nanak, I have met the Lord.'

(Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaaj)

This is a humble benti from the Sangat from Guru Har Rai Gurdvara

to please attend with your family & friends and gain laha from this special event.

128 High Street

West Bromwich, West Midlands B70 6JW

Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh!


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Sant Baba Aaya Singh Ji Part 1

Sant Aaya Singh Ji was born in village Shamojhi, zila Peshawar, tehsil Kaatlang now in Pakistan in the year 1862 to parents Ramey Shah Arora and Mata Chattar Kaur. In order to complete the vow they had made (that the child would serve the dera for forty days), the family left Sant Aaya Singh Ji at the dera when He was a child. Even though He was just a child but He still had a great resolve to serve the devotees who came to the dera. He would not think about his health and would throughout the day serve the devotees with a lot of love and affection. Everyone was surprised to see the young child serving the devotees with such resolve. On the completion of forty days, His father came to the dera to take back Sant Aaya Singh Ji. Sant Aaya Singh Ji’s father took Him along to pay obeisance to Sant Karam Singh Ji and asked for permission to leave. MahaPurush asked the father “What is the boy’s name?”. Ramey Shah replied “Baba Ji! The boys name is Aaya Singh but at home everyone lovingly calls him Aayo. There was a false case lodged on the family. We had resolved that if we were freed then we would serve the dera for 40 days. And now since 40 days have completed, we ask for your leave”.

MahaPurush Ji then asked the boy “Kaka, your name is Aayo and if you have come to the dera then now why do you want to go back?” Sant Aaya Singh Ji replied “Baba Ji, I am ready to stay back but my father is not letting me do so”. Sant Aaya Singh Ji’s father then paid obeisance to Sant Karam Singh Ji and brought the child back home. Only 4-5 days had passed that Sant Aaya Singh Ji’s head was filled with ticks. Everyone in the family, neighbors, etc tried all possible medications but nothing worked. The family then understood that this was the outcome having earned the displeasure of Sant Karam Singh Ji by not listening to Him. After consultations, they sent back Sant Aaya Singh Ji to the dera. After a few days, the ticks automatically disappeared. Sant Aaya Singh continued to serve the MahaPurush and all the devotees that visited the dera. Sant Karam Singh Ji was very happy with the service rendered by Sant Aaya Singh Ji. Then one day, at an opportune moment, Sant Karam Singh Ji called Sant Aaya Singh Ji and said “I want you to take over my responsibilities”. Sant Aaya Singh Ji said that He would not be able to carry out such a huge responsibility. But Sant Karam Singh Ji reiterated to Sant Aaya Singh Ji “You will have to carry out this responsibility” and blessed Him saying “You will handle responsibilities that will be one and a quarter times of what I had. Continue to handle these responsibilities.” Sant Karam Singh Ji’s utterances turned out to be true; everything was now one and a quarter times of what it was before. Sant Karam Singh Ji’s utterances resulted in blessings and prosperity................................

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    • If this is true, than paras bhag is an important granth to study. Why only sewapanthis teach it and not taksal or nirmalas?
    • hanji but the longer versions have more dasam bani, none of the versions incorporate the full anand sahib It just feels weird to skip so much of it, so I am not sure whether it would be beadbi somehow for me recite the full anand sahib instead of the "chhota anand sahib"  dhanvaad for feedback 
    • I say stick with the usual 5 pauri and if u feel the need to do more paath u can always do the longer versions
    • I think we both are leading to the same conclusion, just worded and expressed differently. I don't necessarily agree with the fact that there is any particular pattern to women ending up with partners who treat them badly (i.e. fame, money, good looking etc.), sure, it's a factor but not all the time. In a lot of relationships things become about control, when that escalates it can sometimes become abusive, for men a lot of the time it's about controlling the narrative the wife believes, if he's having an affair or up to no good he will control the narrative so his wife is only party to things that he want's her to see and hear, even places he want's her to go, in the case of Juggy D his wife found out and it all escalated but then she knew about his old habits anyway and chose to believe he changed.    
    • I have no knowledge of this but interwebs so far says... PARAS BHAG is an adaptation into Sadh Bhakha, in Gurmukhi script, of Abu Hamid Muhammad al Ghazzali`s Kimid iSa`ddat, an abridged edition in Urdu of his Ihyd ul Ulum, in Arabic. The work was first published in 1876. Several of the manuscript copies prior to that date are still in circulation. An edition in Devanagari script was brought out in 1929. The question as to who adapted the work into Bhakha and when has not been fully resolved. According to one tradition, the version in Gurmukhi characters was prepared towards the close of the seventeenth century at Anandpur by Sayyid Badr ud Din of Sadhaura at the instance of Guru Gobind Singh (1666-1708).   According to another, it was translated a little before the middle of the eighteenth century by a Sevapanthi sainteither Bhai Addan Shah or Bhai Garu. The book is held in great veneration by Sevapanthi Sikhs who recite it up to this day in their deras or monasteries. The work originally written in the eleventh century was meant for the edification of the Muslims laying down for them moral and social injunctions. These stipulations represent a mixture of Islamic, Sufi and Vedantic principles and thus have a wide appeal. The main stress is on loving devotion to God and on right conduct. D.S.  
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