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How Should One Approach When Some Mahapurush Come To Your Gurudwara Sahib


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Few months back i was not at my home town then my friend told me that some Mahapurush came here. Did great Katha and Naam Simran. He told me me that while going they told Guru Shaib are happy have done lot Kirpa and bakshish to sangat here. I was thinking that i have missed those Kirpa.

Am i wrong in thinking that?

You missed nothing!

Whatever never came your way at some point was not meant to be yours.

As an amritdharee Sikh, your Dad is Guru Gobind Singh. He knows who you should meet, where and when. Giving manh, tan and dhan to Gurujee means that Gurujee now owns you and knows exactly what to do with you and what to show you, where and when. Humility asks a Sikh to live trusting Gurujee in everything. The more you look directly to Gurujee and less towards others to prop you up, the faster you will make progress. Even if a supposed saint was to ever come your way and offer you some of his supposed kemai and what not, to help kill off some of your karmas and sins etc , true trust in Gurujee to do the same and far more! would make you turn down that saint’s offer immediately. You need more of Guru every moment of your life, not more of anything else or anyone else! This is true Sikhi.

And you really really need to stop worrying and fussing about, getting paranoid and scared of your bad karmas of previous and this life's as an amritdharee Sikh especially. This advice has been given to you in other posts you made recently. Once you become an amritdharee your heart and life is in Gurujee’s hands and you live by Gur Maharaj’s hukum and kirpa. The power and stronghold of lekha/karmas over your life gets broken and you become as Professor Puran Singh would describe it a ‘Spirit born/Spirit led person’.

If someone can give me something instantly, but my Guru is going to give it to me in 20 years time, I rather wait for my Guru to give it to me!

My humble advice is please please please stop obsessing about ‘mahapurushs’ and what not, and rather get on with your own life. As I always say, start reading plenty of Gurbani with viakheya(meanings and explanations), get your amritvela right, sort your naam, dan, and ishnan jeewan , get your rehat pukka, do plenty of sewa, simran and satsang and ardas, and ask for nothing more than to be Gurujee’s humble sewak and you will go a far far way ahead in this game of love with Gurujee.

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