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Gentleman Sikh


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So I just got back from Gurdwara and I had an interesting experience I feel like I should share.

While sitting at langar, a singh came around to serve some food and seeing that I was gora and such, he promptly introduced himself, struck up a quick conversation, and shook my hand. To those of you who grew up in Gurdwara this may not seem like a big deal, but I can promise you this gesture means so much to an outsider. It honestly quit bothering me quite some time ago, but the insular nature of desis can be a bit jarring at first. I think this is even the case with other desis coming to gurdwara... people just tend to ignore them if they don't already know them.

I think this is just as valuable a form of sewa as serving langar, if not more so. So if you are serving langar and see a new face, brown or white, be a gentleman/lady and kindly introduce yourself. I promise it will make quite an impression.

*sorry mods, this should probably go in general*

It may happen with other desis but there is definitely still a hugely cultural mindset within the majority of the 'sikh' community. When we become sikh, culture should go out the window- why put your false culture(illusion) over your status as a sikh(real sikhs have no identity, they see all truth seekers as of the same- no identity).

Many sikhs are reluctant to allow their children to marry white, black or chinese sikhs, but this is the very thing Guru Nanak Dev Ji strived to abolish. Do we think our gurus would have denied one of their childrens marriage to a sikh who was born into a different culture?

The answer is no, of course not, to think that would be absurd.

But not to worry, there are sikhs out there who see all truth seekers as brothers and sisters. In fact they see the universe as a family, and speak the truth to the sinners and the saints, the good and the bad, the black mc, the chinese takeaway man and the big tough russian- they'll even speak truth to the angel, the deluded demon, the alien and the ghost, the hindu demi god, because we are all Him, we are all totally equal in His eyes, we are just playing out the karma he has written for us- all is simply karma in this khel. We can't do anything on our own, he drives us every moment- we are all One, made of the same stuff(nothing, no image), we just haven't realised it yet.

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