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Afterlife !

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Sikhi teaches that the soul reincarnates when the body dies. Sikhs believe that good, or bad actions, determine the life form into which a soul takes rebirth.

At the time of death, demonic, ego centered souls may be destined to suffer great agonies, and pain, in the dark underworld of Narak.

A soul, fortunate enough to achieve grace, overcomes ego by meditating on God. Such a soul may attain liberation from the cycle of reincarnation. The soul then experiences salvation in Sachkhand, the realm of truth, where it exists eternally, as an entity of radiant light.

Do Sikhs have an afterlife?

Sikh dharam believes in reincarnation, which is that after death a person is born again depending on the actions he/she has committed in his/her last life. As soul is present not only in human but all living creatures (but is only conscious when in the human form), one can be born in any life form depending on the actions he or she committed in their past life.

One who reaches the state of spiritual perfection by remembering God and controlling 5 thieves (Kaam, Krodh, Moh, Lobh and Hankaar) breaks or escape the cycle of death and rebirth, and merging into Waheguru (Gurmukh) and that is salvation for Sikhs. Sikhs believe that their soul (Atma) will connect will god (Parmatma). The person who does not remember God or is attached to the 5 thieves is known and self willed or Munmukh.

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