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Giani Kulwinder Singh Declines Siropa For Fascist Hindu Leader At Sri Darbar Sahib

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It is not just Sikhs, he is involved in murder of innocent Muslims during Babari Masjeed demolition / Godhra genocide of Muslims. He is also wanted in Pakistan for his lead in 1947 riots.

Maskeen Jee rightly says "Jo 1/2/3 bandeyaan Da kaatil, oh Kaatil", "Jo 1000/5000+ bandeyan da kaatil, oh shehanshah, politician, PM/CM".

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Guest dataSingh

I don't want to sound mean , but in the process of it I will be sounding mean , I know that !

These bahmans ( who are spoiling hindu-sikh relations ) are the people who would attack sikhs before they would attack muslims !

Because they know Islam has spread everywhere , but sikhism does not have any central power yet !

Muslims have succeeded very well in frustrating these riight-wing fundies by controlling congressis through their vote bank. Thats why I always say that a mutli-religious India and absence of Hindu hegomony is much safer condition for sikhs !

So , the thing I wanted to say is "If you remove the hindu-sikh bhaichara and commonality , these rss people wouldn't be that successful . If there is a wedge such that sikhs never go to mandirs and therefore if hindus never come to gurudwaras , we make it very clear to these bahmans that we are different from you just like the muslims are !"

The problem here is this leads to lots of problems of harmony between sikhs and majority hindu community of India .

By alienating ourselves from hindu , we may or may not successfully reduce strength of these goons , but we certainly do spoil it for ourselves and the kids of us Indian sikhs .

We need to alienate these enemies ( bad hindus vs the normal hindus who are brother to sikhs ) .

What I see is :: If we help religion , we spoil the relations and vice-versa .

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