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How A Murderer Obtained Waheguru

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-japji sahib vichar sagar deep divine meanings of gurbani by gyani thakur singh ji-

Iknaa Hukmee Bakhsees

Bhramgyanis stays within hakum. They within hakum give grace to people of bhram vidiya, naam di dat.

Gyani Ji gave example of bhramgyani mahatama encounter with dacoit ( balmik). Mahatama's asked him, all these stealing and killing other people you seem to enjoy as your hobby. Do you think these actions will help your par-lok (other world after death)?

He went numb, and said I don't know. He tied mahatama with a rope and told him that i ll go ask my family this question.

He went up to his father and asked, would you help me in pro-lok? His father told him, i ll go before you and then he asked his mother- she said no. Then he asked his wife and got the same answer. Wife replied, nobody told you to steal and kill people to make a living.

When he got nobody helping him. He went in depression and asked himself- if no one is willing to help me that why i m killing people like this?

Then he went back to mahatama's and told him- I will not do such things. Mahatama asked him why? He said- no one will help me in par-lok. Mahatama told him you shouldn't commit these sins for people who is not willing to help you in parlok. He said - Satbachan and then asked- what should i do ? Mahatama's gave him reverse mantar of ram- Mara Mara to meditate on. Then he meditated for so many years and he got bhramgyan. He then became quite popularly known as "Rishi Balmik" who predicted ramayan and wrote ramayan 10,000 years earlier than ramayan actual happened.

* I'm not sure if this part was in the cassette but I heard that he received the mantar mara because he was so polluted with sins that he didn't deserve the mantar of raam at that time. As he recited he started to get purified and after some time the mara repetition reversed to ram ram ram.

Moral - God's name is so high that it will not give you temporary pleasure as heaven but completely merge you with God. (Sachkand)

Credit - Goes to N30S1ngh for translating japji sahib vichar sagar deep divine meanings of gurbani by gyani thakur singh ji

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