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Tortured Sikh Dies After Suspicious Prison Fire

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Why did it have to come to this? Our brother, a son-why did he deserve this, does your blood boil? Do you feel like doing something...

Amritsar, Punjab - Bhai Kulwant Singh, an inmate at Central Amritsar Jail, passed away today after sustaining severe burns caused by a suspicious fire in his jail cell. He was admitted to Guru Nanak Dev Hospital on Saturday in critical condition after suffering 50% burn injuries and major damage to his vital organs.

Although no details regarding the cause of the fire have been released as authorities and fellow inmates refuse to comment, the jail superintendent, Rashpal Singh, has tried to suggest that the incident was the result of an attempted suicide.

This is not the first time Kulwant Singh has been admitted to the hospital since his incarceration began in July of 2010. He was previously admitted to the same hospital with life threatening injuries as a result of police torture in August of the same year. When he was brought to the hospital the first time, Dr. Saurabh Dhanda said “there were electric shock injuries on his ears and private parts. Kulwant’s stomach also had injuries owing to severe beating with batons.”

Kulwant Singh was one of the individuals linked with Pal Singh of France and picked up by police in a spate of arrests made in the summer of 2010. Pal Singh was picked up from home on July 22 and illegally detained in an undisclosed location until his arrest was declared on July 28 along with the fabricated claim that he was discovered with a huge cache of arms.

Reacting to the news, Canadian Sikh Coalition spokesman, Moninder S. Bual, said the case of Kulwant Singh is alarming as it indicated a continuation of India’s genocidal policy towards the Sikhs. “The story of Kulwant Singh is the same unfortunate story of countless Sikh youth who have suffered at the hands of India’s security forces. His example shamelessly exposes the modus operandi of the Punjab Police, arresting citizens arbitrarily and masking torture and custodial murder in preposterous lies.”...WAHEGURU MAHARAAAJJJJJJ

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since 1978 sikh youth in India have been continously tortured and killed up to the present day. This murder is horrific, no organisation whatsoever has done anything about it. If we don't do something now this will continue for generations to come. We all can see the despicable unity of Sikhs here in the UK, in India it is a lot more worse with the corrupt police,legal system and government dogs like badal.

If we don't get united now and do something this will continue for a long time. Politicians say forget 1984, but never forget 1984. The Indian Govt gotta pay for every drop of blood spilt by Sikhs

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