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List Of Enemies Of The Panth


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Please list names, organisations, links, you tube accounts, other info in short relating to what we're up against as a panth

e.g. Darshan Ragi, his blog, Facebook page etc

I hear they are using online well, let's identify and then try to counter this anti parchar else soon we will end up with Gutka Sahibs with 3 morning banis

Any info would be helpful

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Biggest enemies of sikhs are sikh themselves.

When we have modern day "panj pyares" and 'parchariks' themselves scrambling through to get devotee's to take amrit and giving amrit right left and center- that's a very dangerous precedent we have set up in the panth. As sant jagjit singh ji harkhowale said- its morakhta to feed amrit to snakes. There should be be bunch of test/huge criteria list- everyone meets before taking amrit.

Amrit sanchar institution needs reformation, just like its very hard to infiltrate to military academy, so as it should be hard to infiltrate, exploit Amrit institution. It's quite hard task, needs high level cooperation from takhts, but it could be done.

Main platforms for all these scumbs have been gurdwara abroad, obviously sgpc has no control over gurdwaras abroad. We need massive parchar on larger scale from sri akaal takth jathedars and jathedars of takth sahiban on punjab radio, on tv to make sangat aware to boycott non-authorize gurdwaras, evidence(audio/visual) should be shown to the sangat rather just saying- yeah just boycott it because we don't like it.

There should be high level sting operations from sgpc task force (camera equipped) to infiltrate heretics of the panth group and exposing them in sangat via t.v, youtube.

Basically media has power, so sri akaal takth sahib needs HUGE influence in punjabi/sikh media so sangat can be aware- if that means, sri akaal takth branding everywhere so be it eg- sri akaal takth sahib t.v-channel/youtube channel/facebook/forum.

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