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How Many Students Study At Damdami Taksal?

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Does anyone have any more information on:

1. how many Gurdwaras are under the control of Damdami Taksal and Sato Wali Gali Taksal.

2. how many students are studying each year.

3. how long are the courses at Taksal or Nirmala Udasi Deras, and which Granths do they study.

4. Also is there video of a session of a class at the Taksals on the internet or do any Taksals do live streaming through the internest.

Any information will help.

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Interesting questions..i am sure someone will answer them fully.

But regarding your question 3..I heard in katha by Sant Hari Singh Ji Randhawale that in order to be gyani in Sikh Theology and have understanding of gurbani you need to have through understanding of nine granths before hand.. I am trying to find out the exact names of these granths..I am assuming - Gurpartap Soraj Parkash, Adhyatam Parkash, Bhavrasamrit are some out of nine of these granths. I hope someone can clarify.

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The nine granths are

Chanaka Raajneeti



Vichar Mala

Vairag Shatak

Parbodh Chandar Natak

Adhiatam Parkash

Birti Parbhakar

Vichar Sagar

These are only taught in Bhindra now all this vidiya has not existed at Mehta since Sant Jarnail Singh Ji stopped teching during the Dharam Yudh Morcha. Thse granths are needed as the basis to understand gurbani then further work can be done by learning the Vedant Paribhasha, Upnishads, Moksh Panth Parkash, Adhyatam Parkash, etc

Only after these are studied should you start on the gazals of bhai nand lal and the works of Bhai Gurdas Ji.

Giani Harbhajan Singh Ji Dhudhike Wale and Baba Hari Singh Ji Randhawe Wale are possibly the best ustaads at the moment for all these granths as many of the other ustaads have only worked up to vichar sagar and not even heard of the birti parbhakar.

Are these 9 granths taught along with Guru Granth Sahib Ji or after, as like a comparitive religious study, because if they are taught first wouldnt that effect the meaning of Gurbani, because your reading them first and basing you understanding of Gurbani on them, and reading Gurbani after. Also, what about Rehatnamas and Gurblas and other Sikh Granths, also shouldn't these Granths be taught first then these 9 Granths of different groups.

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