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Ban Indian Human Rights Abusers From London 2012

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Ban Indian Human Rights Abusers from London 2012


I havent seen any post here - it would be good if we get everyone sending letters to MP's, see letter below I found in article on: http://www.sikh24.com/2012/06/ban-indian-human-rights-abusers-from-london-2012/#.T-gNoitYv6k

Send letter via ww.writetothem.com

Dear [MP],

With news that the Head of the Syrian Olympic Committee has been refused a visa to travel to London for the 2012 Olympic Games, as he is a member of a regime which is being implicated in carrying out human rights abuses. On the same grounds, the UK is being urged to also deny entry to the Son of the King of Bahrain in addition a leading Russian dissident has called for Britain to prevent senior members of the Russian government suspected of human rights abuses from attending the Olympics. It is for these reasons we see justification to also bring to your attention Indian human rights violators, who have been complicit in the human rights abuses of citizens of India.

Mr. Kanwar Pal Singh Gill (KPS Gill) Former Director General of Police of the Indian State of Punjab and former President of the Indian Hockey Federation

Mr. KPS Gill was head of the Punjab Police force from 1988 – 1995. Human Rights watch reported that ''Instead of responding within the law, the Punjab police were given free rein to contain the militancy. Thousands of alleged militants, human rights activists, and ordinary Sikhs in Punjab were summarily executed by security forces, based on the merest suspicion or, perhaps, not even that. Most were young men, "disappeared," never to be seen again. Their bodies were then cremated to destroy the evidence.''

During this time a Human rights activist Mr Jaswant Singh Khalra was abducted and was never to be seen again. After a long legal battle, 6 policeman were given life sentences, the key witness in the case testified that Mr.KPS Gill interrogated Khalra several days prior to Khalra's murder. His testimony also indicated that Mr.KPS Gill ordered subordinates to kill Khalra. The attorney of the Khalra family in November 2011 stated that '' Now the High Court must investigate KPS Gill's role in the execution of Jaswant Singh Khalra- three courts have accepted Kuldip Singh's (key witness) testimony as credible''. It is noteworthy that in 1996 Olympics of Atlanta USA, the United States civil aviation industry refused to carry Mr. KPS Gill from New York to his final destination Atlanta Georgia.

Jagdish Tytler - former MP of the Indian Government and current President of Judo Federation of India

He was the Indian Union Minister of State for Overseas Indian Affairs, a position he resigned from after an Indian official commission of inquiry noted the 'balance of probability' indicated he was responsible for inciting and leading murderous mobs against the Sikh community in Delhi during the 1984 Sikh Pogroms. Tytler in 2009 was refused entry to the UK when he was due to be part of an Indian Delegation to launch the Commonwealth Games baton relay in London. This refusal was again due to Tytlers involvement in the 1984 massacre of Sikhs in Delhi when he was serving as a junior minister.

Mr. Sajjan Kumar another former MP of the Indian Government is facing prosecution by India's Central Bureau of Investigation for his role in the 1984 killing of Sikhs in Delhi, he is from the same political party that Jagdish Tylter has loyalties to.

Mr. Sumedh Saini a former Senior Superintendent of Police and now serving as Director General of Police of Punjab is also presently facing prosecution for his role in the extrajudicial killings of innocent people of Punjab during his time under Mr. KPS Gill.

We welcome your support in refusing entry to the UK of the above mentioned individuals on the grounds of being human rights violators whose entry would upset the Sikh community of the United Kingdom on this glorious sporting schedule. As the Olympics are an international event their presence would indicate an endorsement of their heinous acts by the British Government across the world for both the Sikh and non-Sikh communities who strive for justice.

We would like to end this email with the words of Rob Marris former MP of Wolverhampton South West 2001-2010, he stated in his correspondence (which led to the Tytlers refusal to enter Britain) to the then Foreign Secretary David Milliband regarding Jagdish Tytler’s proposed visit to the UK in 2009, ''Many survivors of those harrowing events are now living in the UK; as are the relatives of many victims. It would be unacceptable for someone who had committed such acts to be admitted to the UK, even to visit,''

Yours sincerely,


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Olympics 2012 – I.P.D urges UK Sikhs to write to MPs to stop Indian Human Rights violators entering the UK

Posted by Editor on Jun 23rd, 2012 // Comments off

Syrian officials today have been denied entry to UK for the Olympic games, pressure has been put on Britain’s Government not to allow certain Russian Officials and the Son of the King of Bahrain to visit London due to- all the mentioned -being alleged human rights violators.

I.P.D has highlighted the human rights violations of Sikhs by the former Punjab DGP and former Indian Hockey Federation President Mr. KPS Gill and former Indian Parliament Member and current President of the Judo federation of India Mr. Jagdish Tytler. Sajjan Kumar ( member of the same political party as Tytler) currently facing prosecution for the killing of Sikhs in Delhi 1984 was mentioned and comments were also made on DGP of Punjab, Sumedh Saini who is facing prosecution of extrajudicial killings while serving under KPS Gill.


We request UK Sikhs to write to your local MP,

1) Download the letter template and fax it online. Click here to fax online

2) Print the letter template and fill in your local MP name and sign at the bottom and send via post.


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The following letter has been provided to IPD and others. This letter focuses on the two that may attend the London Olympics, but also mentions a few others.

IPD may wish to use this letter or at least correct its letter with respect to Jagdish Tytler as he was dropped from the Indian delegation and not denied a visa in 2009.

MP letter.docx

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We are pleased to see the Sangat coming together on this initiative which was started by IPD on the 22 June 2012. This is how collectively, irrespective of the origin, the impact will be greatest rendering positive results for the Quam.

Together we stand and in one we trust

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