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Keeping Kes (Hair) - General Advice/guidance - Central Topic.

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I think there is a need for central topics, on key issues which affect most sikh old and young alike.

There are specific cases which can be discussed individually, however most people just look for general advice on the issue and it takes too long to find individual topics, where there are fantastic bits of advice, but its time to put it all together - which will help us all!

This may be better in the gupt section?

One such topic is off, Keeping Kes – common questions:

“importance of keeping kes”

“dealing with kes related issues”


Post any advice/tips, inspirational stories that will help us stay in the form that the Guru wanted us to be in, and remain attached to Maharaj’s charan and not Mayas!

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I used to be mona, cut my Kesh, shave and ate meat in 2011. At the time of the Shaheedi of Sahibzade listening to the Katha on Sikh Channel really affected me deep and I questioned myself "they made such a sacrifice at such a young age and am just worthless and lost". From then on 26/12/11 I left meat completley, and start growing my Kesh. Issues which I came across was Dandruff mainly which I kept under control with different types of oils.

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