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Healthy And Simple Recipies


Healthy And Simple Recipies  

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This isn't healthy but I love veggies breakfast burrito

1 Linda McCartney sausage

1 hash brown

1 wrap

Bake beans




Heat the wrap up as you do and cut open the sausage so its spilt place it on the wrap. Put cheese between the sausage and the hash brown ontop so the cheese in between them (melts better that way). Add the rest of the stuff beans mushrooms and salsa on top of it all. Nice and simple but tasty!

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tofu tofu tofuu!! humus and soya milk! staple diet. add it in everything!

Then enjoy the feminisation process at leisure ...balance is required also think about if your Soya is GMO . Soya is notoriously allergenic so if you find increased mucus production, dip in energy levels,bloating, headaches happening more often maybe it doesn't suit you

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Raw vegan breakfast,

Apple 'Porridge'

soak a large handful of almonds overnight

in the morning rinse them and place in blender with a small splash of water, ground cinammon, one cold(from fridge) dessert apple cored and cut into chunks . Blend to consistency you like then eat in bowl. Simple nutrious and no blood sugar spiking due to cinammon.

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Linwoods do excellent range of milled seeds and seed/fruit blends which you can add to food savoury or sweet , can buy from sainsburys tesco and other health food stores.

I make another breakfast which uses greek yoghurt (strained) sometimes using their Goji berry and Seed blend .

Take two large spoons of the goji seed mix combine with 60 grammes greek yoghurt (if you want higher protein profile use 0% fat), a spoonful of acacia honey (or any other light flavoured one) and a splash of fresh Orange juice (or orange segments if really hungry)

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For best salad , we can mix various sprouts ( we take kaley choley, mungi, moth) available at all stores , add leafy material cabbaga, lettuce, rocket <banned word filter activated>? Spinatch etc , dash of lemon juice, dash of orange juice, seasoned with black pwpper aif needed some rocksalt .

It is simple , full of protein veggies, with filling yiu awesome we do not add paneer ( cottage cheese) bur can be , other add ons are roasted nuts to add crunchiness, roasted papad , fruit chunks etc . Very nice to start a day with and and in between bites

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