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Online petition to Akal Takhat Sahib

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Khalsa Ji when a guru ka sikh is being sent to the gallows we protest we run petitions. we got 100,000 signatures so a debate could take place in the houses of parliament. But when his father is being degraded sewa not done properly saroops being agan bhet even though they can be restored to there former glory, we cant even get 1000 signatures. its shameful we should all bow our head in shame. When we began this petition i was so confident that we would get signatures in the thousands. i had so much confidence in the online sangat. But to see we dont even have 350 has shocked me deeply.

Please sign but more importanly encourage others email tweet facebook.

If we dont then our guru will keep being degraded it will continue to be sold in shops. it would continue to be cremated when there is no need to.

Are you aware some So called baba/sant in India call the cremating of Guru ji sewa? over 600 saroops a year are being cremated. there is no offical check to see if sewa can be done to restore the saroop or if it is to bridh and has to be agan bhet. we talk about injustice to the sikh people well if we cant stop the injustice of our guru then how can we fight for our rights.

please make a pledge to sign and maybe get at least 10 people to sign.


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Is this what its come to...that we need to sign a petition to make what is the highest authority in Sikhi uphold Satkaar for Maharaj... Waheguru.

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Khalsa Ji please sign this petition. Don’t you want the best for your Guru? Our Guru is being rolled in the dirt thrown in Wells, Angs torn off and we sit in silence. Break the silence please. If our parents were treated and humiliated in this way would we just sit back quiet. Guru is watching to see if his Sikhs Khalsa have truly followed his teachings. Guru ka payareo Number of times I have heard stories about how singhs use to bring back hindu women from the Mughals. How our Gurus fought against tyranny. Guru Tegh Bahadhur gave his life for another. Are we the same khalsa? sign the petition or demand justice for our father our Guru

Next time your standing in front of Guru Ji doing ardas and asking for whatever you want just think for one second “im asking Guru ji for help but I am not prepared to stop the beadbi of my guru”

Lets not turn a blind eye read whats happening to Guru Ji and not do anything and then go on with our daily routines.

What have we become? Turn a blind eye someone else will sort it? it’s the SGPC problem not mine?

This is a Sikh Quam issue and if its up to us to let the authorities know we wont tolerate this anymore.

Until we get justice and satkaar for Guru Ji singho we will keep getting treated like slaves and second class citizens. People will laugh in our faces “ look at those Singhs wanting justice they cant even protect their own father” let’s not hang our heads in shame but hold our head up high.

If your parents are respected then people will respect you.

Don’t let your father down otherwise we won’t be able to show our faces here or in his Durgah


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your right they should be telling us what to do but it appears that we have to tell them what they should be doing. In the west they call it people power lets put sangat power pressure onto them to do something. We have to start somewhere.

we have a few thousand signatures on paper but i was hoping for a better response from the online sangat. Can i ask anyone who has a BLog website twitter account Facebook please please benti add the links to your sites. We have till end of Oct to get as many as we can. Sangat from all parts of the world will then take the petitions to the jathedars.

Khalsa Ji, you only need one signiture on this petition, and that is of Parkash Badal....... Sorry to sound so negative veer ji but seriously this is the start of the Jummana to come which Giani Takhur Singh Ji has warned us of.

I will however be signing the petition and sharing it so others can sign it aswell.


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Veer Ji I believe Guru Ji is testing us to see how much or how far we would go for our guru. If people can't even put there name down on a petition then sacrifice for Guru Ji would never happen.

Thanks to all who have signed so far please encourage others via here twitter Facebook or your personal websites .

Petition | Plea to Stop the degradation (Beadbi) of Guru Granth Sahib | Change.org

This petition to Akaal Takhat Sahib asks for an urgent action to eliminate the incidences and acts of sacrilege and disrespect to Guru Granth Sahib Ji. This petition requests the establishments of processes and procedures that will ensure that Guru ji is always in loving, respectful and vigilant care.

Through this petition, I request that the following actions be taken:

1. A chronological registration system be established for embodiments of Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

2. A standard service protocol (care taker’s manual of set procedures and processes for taking care as per Maryada) be established

3. A separate department be established to:

a. provide ongoing support to person/s taking care of Guru Sahib Ji.

b. handle complaints and manage teams of authorised people to investigate such complaints.

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