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Sri Akaal Takth Jathedars Lineage


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One of our members bought a interesting question on SA. I would like to post it here as well to get the answer from knowledgeable members here.

Does anyone have fulll lineage of sri akaal takth sahib jathedars as well coming from guru sahib time?

I know only few names- nawab kapoor singh ji, jathedar langowal, jathedar ranjit singh, jathedar joginder singh vedanti, jathedar gurbachan singh ji (current).

Can anyone post full lineage/list names of of sri akaal takth sahib jathedars from guru sahib times?

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Thanks chucksinghnorris, that was good info so i guess prior to 1920..Sri akaal takth sahib was under budda dal command, budda dal jathedars cross platform? was nawab kapoor singh jathedar of sri akaal takth sahib was budda dal nihang? when was he jathedar of sri akaal takth sahib? how does he fit into all of this?

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a few names/history: http://www.sikhnet.c...ethedar-history

jathedars after 1920:

  • Jathedar Teja Singh Ji Bhuchar (1920–1921), before him was Jathedar Arur Singh Naushshera (1907-1920), resigned in 1920.
  • Jathedar Teja Singh Ji Akerpuri (1921–1923) & (1926–1930)
  • Jathedar Udham Singh Ji Nagoki (1923–1924)
  • Jathedar Bhai Acchar Singh Ji (1924–1925)
  • Jathedar Didar Singh Ji (about a month in 1926)
  • Jathedar Jawaher Singh Ji (very short period in 1926)
  • Jathedar Giani Gurmukh Singh Ji Musaffer (1930-1931)
  • Jathedar Mohan singh Ji Nagoki (1931-1938)
  • Jathedar Giani Partap Singh Ji (1938-1948)
  • Jathedar Bhai Sadhu Singh Ji Bhaura (1948-1963)
  • Jathedar Gurdial Singh Ji Ajnoha (1980-1983)
  • Jathedar Bhai Kirpal Singh Ji (1963-1965) & (1983-1986)
  • Jathedar Prof. Darshan Singh Ji (1986)
  • Jathedar Bhai Jasbir Singh Ji Rodae (1986)
  • Jathedar Bhai Gurdev Singh Ji Kaunke (1986-1990s)
  • Jathedar Prof. Manjit Singh Ji
  • Jathedar Bhai Ranjit Singh Ji
  • Jathedar Giani Puran singh Ji
  • Jathedar Joginder Singh Ji Vadanti
  • Jathedar Gurbachan Singh Ji

i think this is the original akal takht uncovered after bluestar and rebuilding the akal takht



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