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Ardas and sewa for Con mass shooting victims.


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Just reading it, not very far from here. Damn sickening. 20 killed, and 10 were elementary school kids, little ones. Who the hell shoots kids!!!!!!

27 or so killed and 18 or so were kids. This is horrible.

As Americans we need to form coalitions among all communities and address why such things happen and then formulate a solution and lobby congress to implement the solution.

Blanket ban on guns without addressing other real issues is not the answer, in fact, in some cases it makes it worse and more frequent. We need to address how we run our culture, media and way kids are brought up.

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I just got this very moving, emotional write up by Shinda Singh,..i like to share from facebook-

Anytime innocent people are victims of heinous crimes, a level of a sadness is expected. But, when those innocent happen to be babies in schools, the feelings go from saddening to sickening.

Kids at that age are nothing but pure ignorant love. They're too young to know any type of hate and their excitement for life is often nothing short of infectious. Most everyone's felt this love and it doesn't even need to be from ones own familial ties. Kids that age got love for you regardless even before knowing who you are, or what you're about. Just raw innocent love.

It sickening to think of the evil that can exist in men's hearts. An evil that would make one wanting to wipe that kind of love out. To that end I offer my sincerest condolences to the families and can only hope they find the strength to find peace in this tragedy.

As much as I feel like going the Pac route and raise two middle fingers at the world, truth is this world needs healing, and we could all just use some more love.

Vahiguroo :respect: :respect: :respect: :respect:

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