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When is the next Amrit Sanchar in UK? 2013?

Guest AmritSanchaar

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    • It doesn't mean thief but the Muslim invaders used the word Hindu as a slur, it became synonyms with thief, black, heathen etc  Early Muslims invaders used the word Hindu for the inhabitants of South Asia, but later the word was used for non-Muslim South Asians.  They ruled over Hindus for around 800 years, so started seeing Hindus as sub humans, so the word Hindu became a slur. A bit like how in the west the word gypsy is used to offend people. For example Rumi, the Persian Sufi, described Hindus as Black dogs.             As someone who grew up with a lot of Pakistanis around me, they actually still do use "Hindu" and "jew/yahudi" as insults. So when a Muslim wants to insult another Muslim, they call them "Hindu" or "jew/yahudi"  I've heard this many times! Muslims ruled over Hindus for so many centuries so its no surprise the word had negative connotations.   When Pathans/Afghans ruled India, after finishing chewing on betel leaf, they used to either spit it out in a mandir or in a Brahmins mouth. Brahmins had no option but to kneel down and open their mouths so the Pathan could spit his betel leaf out. Kashmiri Hindus used to disfigure their daughters and daughter-in-laws hoping that Muslims wouldn't kidnap them. Its no surprise majority Kashmiris converted to Islam.  They basically saw Hindus as sub-humans, so they felt it was their right to do whatever they like with Hindu women and temples.  Its only when Hari Singh Nalwa entered Kashmir he gave Hindus who had been forced to convert to Islam the option of converting back to Hindusim, and around 30,000 Hindus became Hindus again. There has been a Gurdwara in Dubai for a very long time, but its only recently that some government gave Hindus permission to build a mandir there, think the Muslims denied the construction of a mandir because of idols. So for over 10 years it was Sikhs in Dubai that gave Hindus a room within the Gurdwara building to use as a mandir.  The number of times Sikhs throughout history have been helping Hindus!  who today are quite ungrateful. So you can see why the word Hindu was used as an insult by the Muslims ...     
    • Waheguru gave the animals reproductive systems to create offsprings that potentially can be created and work. If the reproduction did not happen simply means the sperm is unfit for the womb. Humans merely experiment. 
    • Indeed. Bjj is just judo ne waza really. 
    • A good combination is boxing/kickboxing and judo. Judo teaches you more about how to throw someone to the ground and some basics on what to do if you do end up on the ground. A more useful art the BJJ IMO which is very ground grappling based.
    • Agreed but the point is to not let the followers lose what they believe in and have it be misrepresented. The proponents should be strong and not waver when other followers of different faiths try and make them waver
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