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Jaswinder Ubhi Coventry Magistrate Courts

Guest Ricky

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Sentenced to 150 hours community service and £1,100 fine to pay for alleged damages to Indian Workers Association party

If anyone wants to contact Bhai Sahib directly, please PM me and I will pass you his number. Once again Bhai Sahib's family shouldn't be left to pick up the pieces up....

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    • Best way is the report those replies. 
    • Colin Powell was part of the group who claimed Iraq has WMD. He maybe got bought into the lies made by dick cheney but his character was good. He stood with principles rather than with Party. Traditional Republican who are not right wing and never in the orbit of trump crazy folks.  It is bit off and crazy to have a discussion on the vaccine efficiency based on Colin Powell's case. Mostly everybody knows that having a cancer as the underlying condition, he would have far less chance to recover. All anti-vaccine threads has been deleted and has no place on this forum. We respect your choice but take the anti-vaccine propaganda somewhere else but not here.
    • Bro. Since you're here doin your thing, can we nab the reaction trolls too?
    • India is going to keep chugging along with its large middle class and small upper class enjoying the fruits of cheap labour supplied by the massive lower class. Only thing that will disrupt this is war with china and pakistan or a catastrophic disease. We need to focus on Punjab’s economy, which directly influences 70% of the total Sikh population. Got to transition out of agriculture/ pind life and urbanize. Stop looking towards government jobs and concentrate on business and higher education with economic focus, not just useless degrees. Ludhiana and Jallundar are ideal for creating a mega city urban area as they are central and allow massive absorption of a good chunk of Punjab villages. Instead of wasting our water on rice cultivation, we need to use it for urban and industrial use. We need to stop looking towards others for our solutions. No matter the policies of the central government, we need to rise to the occasion and take our destiny into our own hands. Economic sovereignty.
    • Considering that if you are not case of an internet troll, below is my opinion - It is unspeakable and shows that you have lot to work to do to tame the demon "Mun" (soul/mind) of yours. If you have certain thoughts - too much of negativity then you may also discuss with your dr to need to see the psychologist.  As per gurbani, Win your mind and you will win the whole universe. Currently, you mind is your biggest enemy out there.
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