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Jagdish Tytler : 1984 SIKH Genocide by Govt. Of india

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He knows that the lie detector test will never happen. Sikhs have absolutely no faith in getting justice in India which is why no-one became witnesses. The ones who did were either bought out or threatened and forced to change their story.

Tyler is confident that the Congress will get him out of any sticky situation. If he were to get convicted he could open a can of worms and tell how the facist Gandhi family was complicit in the genocide.

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    • We don't need any strategies for bringing ayone non-sikhs into Sikhi. all we need is to watch this video.  We have many spokespersons to promote Sikhi some wearing turbans with middle bits of their heads covered with something that looks more like what mulahs wear on top of their heads and some very clever ones wearing crucifixions too around their necks. They have totally taken over the scene who needs bahadur or karamjit or her sukhman or whatever hahahahaha!!  We  are soooo lucky to have foreigners representing us and disseminating our religion or us, while dressed in weird  white habits with funny hats and jewellery dangling from their necks. Well done Sikhs!  Soon your children will be learning Sikhi from weird looking foreigners.  Kundalini or no kundalini, sikhism has progressed to becoming a New Age Cult, with Italian sikh bibi, for sikhi is her birthright and in her blood, and a baba wearing a crucifixion around his neck,  demonstrating gatka to all of us! Congrats  my friends.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6pehWRISyI          
    • Thanks for support. Some of the videos have become quite popular.  Yes will be focusing more on YouTube and uploading more on there as it's a better platform for religious videos.  Only came across TikTok recently and thought would give it a try. Can't post longer video then 1 minute so can't post in depth and have to cram everything in.   
    • Look at the insults the pakistani mucho libre throws at sikhs. Not just this guy, many hatefilled pakis use similar words. It's an insight into their deep-rooted hate which some of our brothers just don't realize. while our lot keep siniging about sanjha punjab, these guys keep separate  drinking glasses in their eateries for sikhs, even in Nanakana sahib. They have a view of us being beneath them, "filthy", and generally a failure.  We've got to carefully study the groups we admire or live amongst to have a realistic world view. Got to shed both our own over-the-top sufi drenched punjabi entertainment and bollywood worldviews. Niyara khalsa we need aim for!!!
    • It's really amusing how they take pride in the achievements of central Asians and Middle Eastern conqueror as if they are the same people. They are just the result of forceful conversions by these conquerors that they shamelessly take pride in. Then it's even funnier how they take pride in achieving Pakistan as if they conquered this territory when in fact they had it given to them by the British.
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