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Beautiful work Bhai Sahib.

Just out of curiosity where have these manuscripts been found and how have you concluded these are from Guru Sahib's times?

Love it!

edit- I mean many of the manuscripts from non-Sikh and the general kavis from Guru Sahib's darbar that talks about many things such as history, philosophy, government and more.

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excellent bhaji gsmann ji.

We have a list of the kavis of Guru Jis darbar, is there is list of works that we have by these Kavis, lost and found?

Will these manuscripts ever make it into mass production ?

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Wahe Guru ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki fateh

1. There is no manuscripts i am aware of that detail the political inclinations of the Khalsa. To get a complete picture on needs to go through Sri Dasam Granth Sahib, Sri Sarabloh Granth, followed by the Rehatnamas. There are numerous texts from Guru Sahibs time which go into Sikh history.

2. The manuscripts i have detailed are verified and are listed in the essay where they are kept.

3. The Kavis spoke on different themes the main research in this area was undertaken by Piara Singh Padam in his Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji de Darbari Ratan.There is other non published work in this area as well. I don't think there is a complete list but Padam list's most of them. Unfortunately nobody has looked at this great treasure of the Durbar. Until there is a team of people translating these works they remain in the background. The website www.bhainandlal.com covers some of the works.

Most of the Kavis praised Guru Gobind Singh ji and this gives us details on the mutual respect by the Guru and by the Kavis.
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Something additional to add to this is that the Vidyiasagar(Ocean of Knowledge) was the works of the Gurus and the Kavis that was lost in the River Sirsa and not Sri Dasam Granth Sahib as some people claim, There are fragments of Vidyiasagar still available today. Somebody needs to collect these works and bring this out into the public domain.

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I have seen one or two manuscripts in private collections which mention the Vidyasagar. The other manuscripts are most likely spread across libraries in the Punjab.

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    • I agree, I think he's trynna make money off the attention he's causing
    • Terry Milewski has targeted Sikhs for decades now.  I still remember his "somosa politics" garbage piece to paint us as terrorists/supporters over a decade ago. He, along with notorious sellout Ujjal Dosanjh, and National Posts's Jonathan Kay are a trio who go to great lengths to knock us down in the public's eyes. They will list off all the usual GOI propaganda points and barely mention the atrocities we've had to face.  They want to instigate us, annoy us, shame us, and make it seem perfectly acceptable to tarnish a small minority community with no nation state to call home. Try it with the Palestinians, we should ask these bastards. They wouldn't dare. Other thing is, Milewski knows our reaction pattern to his same old garbage. He relies on us to protest so he can have a few minutes of attention and sell a few books.
    • Terry is from England   wiki Terry Milewski (born 1949) is a Canadian journalist, who was the senior correspondent for CBC News[2] until his retirement in 2016.[3] Terry Milewski Terry Milewski at University of Regina. Born 1949 1949/1950 (age 70–71)[1] Nationality English, Canadian Education Shrewsbury School Occupation Journalist Employer CBC News Children 2 Milewski has reported in television, radio, and print media, from many places around the world. Assignments have included Ottawa, Calgary, Jerusalem, Europe, the Middle East, South America and the United States. He emigrated to Canada from the United Kingdom.     Early lifeEdit Milewski's parents immigrated to the United Kingdom before he was born. His father was a Polish medical student who fled Warsaw to serve with the 7th Armoured Division in North Africa.[4] He completed his training in Edinburgh, where he met Milewski's mother, who was the daughter of an Egyptian doctor and a Scottish mother. She grew up in an upper-class family in Alexandria and attended boarding school in Scotland as a child. She was disowned for marrying a non-Muslim.[4] Milewski was educated at Shrewsbury School, where he won the school's upriver swim.[4] He dropped out of the University of Oxford after a six-month illness and later left Keele Universityafter he was caught sunbathing in the nude.[4]    
    • You don't have to but i don't see anything wrong if they asked you to do so. I went for this for some scan and i didn't remove it.  I doubt they or you will have to take off keski for this. 
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