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Khalsa Panth - 12Th Guru?

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The Khalsa Panth is Guru ROOP, not the Guru itself, similar to how the punj pyare are Guru roop.

This makes sense b/c the Guru is one, and does not hold opinions or beliefs that contradict himself. But the panth has different groups in it with different beliefs. A self-contradicting Guru makes no sense.

Additionally, there is a sakhi from the time of the jungs with the hill rajas. The Khalsa was crushing their armies when the Guru sent his messenger with the message to the Sikhs to turn back and cease the battle. The Khalsa ignored him thinking that they were so powerful and amazing and none could stand before them. Guru ji withdrew his kirpa and the Singhs were soundly defeated. Humbled they apologized, realising that all kirpa comes from the Guru. This sakhi shows that the panth, in and of itself, is not Guru, but rather a roop of the Guru through which the Guru can spread his kirpa and achieve his aims in the world.

I rest my case. This saakhi defeats the so called 'sound-logic' perpetrated here to veil the Guru-Panth dictum.

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