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Singh, Mahan

The Book “The Gallaant Defender” By A.r Darshi

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Today I happened to watch Sangat TV (U.K.) on Internet. There was a discussion about Operation Blue Star . They mentioned the book “The Gallaant Defender” by A.R Darshi . The author A.R Darshi is a non Sikh.

This book is must read for all who are interested in knowing the background of the preplanned holocaust .

The English edition of this book can be downloaded from (or can be read online at) the website http://www.bhindranwale.net

The book can be downloaded from the following URL

(1) http://www.bhindranwale.net/sikhismbooks/The-Gallant-Defender-Sant-Jarnail-Singh.pdf

(2) For eBook (free download)

(2) http://ebookbrowse.com/the-gallant-defender-sant-jarnail-singh-pdf-d53261092

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one of the best books on this topic, imo. also, probably the best book to use if you want to convince someone who refuses to accept sikh sources b/c they think sikh sources are ''bias''.

which is kind of funny, b/c they wouldn't think a white person commenting on western culture or history or politics is bias... hmmmm..... people need to reexamine their unconscious prejudices

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This is a really good book, I haven't read the whole thing but I started reading it today.   The author ar darshi was a Punjabi dalit and he writes about how bhamans have been stabbing sikhs and Indians in the back since the beginning. No political correctness but very honest book.


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    • shes from a different community n anotha part of town. abt 15 yrs younger than the female elder as well. so y wud she be keepin their company? seems like she was either abandoned by her own for wateva reason n lost her way. maybe livin rough n desperate before bein targeted. or she knew the place well as a worker or regular customer n wanted a piece of the prize from wat wudve seemed a simple 'transaction'?
    • Sidh Gohst is a Sikh Prayer... (i hope u weren't being sarcastic)? Prayer came about when Guru Nanak Ji had an assembly (gohst) with Sidhs, hence the name Sidh Gohst. The prayer is like a Q&A session where Sidhs ask n Guru Ji answers... NOW! Who been telling me to stick t learning about Sidh Gohst?? 😔
    • Get a normal bike n ride it. Road bike u can go far n fast so it's advantageous. Second bike type, ideal for short distant travelling n cycle at own leisure... Totally forgot wha the types called though I own one. Not mountain bike something else.
    • Is that Harpreet's mugshot? Lol! We need to understand y they committed a crime. Obviously for money but what lead them? For their age appears they had a hard life or "hard" life (depends how u look at it) and thas it! They understood the phenomenon of dog eat dog world. So they took a drastic step and failed... Of course they could've succeeded.
    • and also, as your next post alludes to, naamdharis also take khanday dee pahul, and actually most of them do compared to "us" mainstream sikhs. naamdharis are also much closer to rehit than some of these jathabandis we have now corrupt the panth since colonial times. However naamdharis are missing the kshatriya rehit of khalsa, ie the warrior maryada. I think a lot of "sikh" children would easily get influenced by christian schools due to lack of sikhi knowledge, and this includes those who go to these schools in India as well Yes, Khalsa sikhs used to learn from other sikh sampradaiye as well when it came to spiritual gyaan and sikhi knowledge. Obviously for learning there are no strict rules, however other rules are different for khalsa sikhs as they need to follow the military rules as well compared to sehajdhari "civilian" sikhs. And this is funny, but would learning from a harmonium teacher harm your sikhi, as it takes you away from learning sikh/Gurus' instruments? I would find it harmful for someone to teach that crazy keertan which plays at many rehnsbhais, 🤣😂

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