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Bhram Kavach Maryada


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Sadh sangat ji

waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh

The following is an old maryada of doing paath of bhram kavach baani

1. Time: 3 hours before sunrise (excluding the time of brush,kesi ishnaan. ...)

Wear clean clothes, sit on floor with carpet or any sheet on it.

2. Requirement: a.Keep pure water in a clean sarabloh container (baata),

b. Dhoof.

c. Pure desi ghee di jot ( diva).

3. Process : a. After kesi ishnaan, arrange the things of requirement (dhoof, batti)

b.do nitnem of 5 baanis

c. ardas of 5 baanis

d. 32 paaths

e. Ardass of 32 paaths

Dont forget that shaheed sings are present when you do this paath and water in sarabloh container is for shaheed singhs

thanks veerji

bhout dina baad darshan bakshe ne

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Guest damandeep singh

waheguru ji ka khalsa,waheguru ji ki fateh.

i want to do brahm kavach bani and i want to know where do i find brahm kavach gutka and its ardaas.

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Guest Ek_Tera_He_Tera

can you do it before your nitname baniya.. like you get up take a shower then do the Bhram Kavach Path then Simran and your Nitnem banis

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This above pdf that i have mentioned is complete.

The audio you hace mentioned is of hazoor sahib pothi which is in detail but the thing is same

like in all other pothis it is

waheguru ji ki fateh

hazoor sahib:

Waheguru ji ki fateh hai.

Now you cannot say that fateh hai is wrong because it is just a little flow of language or energy.

Bhram kavach paath ends at sukh akamptaa.

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