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Khalse Da Virsa Amrit Bani - San Jose Gurdwara Conference July 27Th - Sri Dasam Granth


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They make up points of attack every now and then.That is their livelihood. Videos of this seminar will clearly answer all these points.

DO they not attack SGGS ji.They do that. They say Naam simran is parroting. There is no reincarnation, no karma and no soul.

So do not post old videos of these heretics here again. This happened last year and i see no point in posting in present context.

The answers have been provided on this forum.Better read SGGS and Dasam Granth first yourself and then ask questions or do some search

on the forum.You will get answers.

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singh sabha canada and singh Gurudwaras are different things. One is a phoney internet organization callled singh sabha canada.They are openly preaching that there is no need for hair for a


So they are not a singh sabha at all.

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The whole program was absolutely amazing and full of Amrit Ras, love and truth.

I can't wait for the video recordings.

Dr. Harbhajan Singh Jee snappppeddddddddddd........he absolutely ripppedddd ittttttt!!!

There is no way that anyone with an open mind would go against Dasam Granth Sahib after listening to the whole program.

It is very clear that those who are against Dasam Granth Sahib are nothing but trouble makers trying to divide Sikhs over a non-issue.

Those at this event are the real scholars, researchers and knowledgeable persons about Dasam Granth........the missionaries/fake professors are NOTHING compared to them......no wonder they do not have face to face debates or accept any challenges from the pro-Dasam Granth groups.

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