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Fateh ji

I've once heard that say your Japing Naam and then imagine say being in Harmandar Sahib and if u jap naam with concentration you are at harmandar sahib japing naam? Something like that? Could someone please expand?

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That's not how you get darshan, although that is what astral travel involves.

When meditating and doing simran, you should try to keep your focus on the gurmantar you are japping.

The idea is to get rid of ALL thoughts and pictures coming into your head and just listen to your innerself saying the gurmantar.

All that you should be seeing or trying to see is the divine light within.

Astral is a very advanced stage where one can leave their body and travel anywhere. This can come when one can disassociate their consciousness from ego mind.

However, as per gurmat, one should focus just on simran and gurmantar itself and not the associated abilities that can come with it.

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All matter is vibration. Prayer, visualization and Naam Simran are all raising your vibration. Keep visulaizing it will materalize for you i.e made true in your experience. Astral travel stuff for Sikh Naam Abhyasis is Riddhi Siddhi, it can read about in life of Sant Karam Singh Hoti Mardan wale, Sant Harnaam Sing Rampurkhera wale, Subedar Baghel Singh.......

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