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  1. "Jo brahmande soi pinde” means the entire universe is within you. There is One universal (GOD) consciousness divided into infinte consciousness yet it retains the same original characteristics. This life form or any other form is giving it a contast, appearing to be something less in an illusion since it doesn't remember. Simran is remembrance or rejoining its true self is the main idea of Sikhi. As the picture says, each part contains the Whole. No matter how many parts it is divided into it remains its true self. A book called Bandginama by Raghbir Singh also available in English is a good start.
  2. GOD is the creator and the created. All possibilities exist so we choose our experiences. If an Atheist chooses his/her experience, it will be separation since GOD is unity (one consciousness) the universe will honor his choice and bring him/her that experience. Life is about free will choose and experience. GOD doesn't judge if you are an Atheist or a saint.
  3. This is a piece from conversation between Birla Seth and Baba Nand Singh Nanaksar Wale. Basically says have faith in Satguru and do Naam Jaap and live according to Satgurus teachings and the previous Janam Karam will change.
  4. Life is like a circle. Humans in that circle of awareness are more conscious than other life forms. If they choose they can accelerate their conscious meregence with GOD. Like a diamond in the earth core take bllions on years to form but in a factory you can create a cultured diamond in weeks. Naam Jaap can similarly create the condition of higher conscious awareness. There is only one thing in creation (GOD) in many forms looking back at itself by providing contrast to itself. Humans , Animals, Rocks all have same basic elemental compostion in various concentrations, but different levels of consciousess hence all is GOD- Sab Gobind hai Sab Gobind Hai.... The overly concern obsession with various joons become irrevelnt as one can choose to become a Ghost or an Animal. Ghost is a person after death refuses to go into the light due to its earthly attachments. Gods plan is to move you forward in awareness not go back as animal as it would be further back in awareness. There is no superior of inferior life forms just various levels of awareness.
  5. My gut instinct is he is a government agent stirring up trouble in Punjab. Center Government BJP needs an excuse to put president rule in Punjab i.e to get AAP out. He comes out of nowhere saying he was in Dubai for many years doing dispatch for trucking service etc. THIS GUY is trouble!
  6. The quality of questions and discussions have gone down exponentially on sikhsangat. It seems like people are wandering aimlessly.
  7. I think most Sikhs have lost the plot. Most of the questions on this fourm cannot provide convincing answers. Why don't we have a inteliigent group of Scholars in our panth on these webpages for us. The loads of parcharaks from India collect $'s year after year and sangat is still confused.
  8. Well it’s easy to label Sikhs are Khalistanis etc. to impose president rule in Punjab. Just look at Lakhimpir Kheri incident BJP still won most seats. The Sikh farmers got ran over yet no sympathy from the locals. The only reason why Kisan andolan was partially successful is because of Tikait was the face of the Morcha. AAP is Playing it safe but only time will tell.
  9. It’s a matter of faith. How strong you believe in Your Guru vs rest of the world. Most people eventually figure out all the worldly relations are in for their own selfish interests . So when you have Belief in you Guru keeping Kesh will just happen with ease. Anyway the answer to anyone questioning you or Sikhi is that I do it out of my free will. I choose to follow my Guru, keep rehat so on and so forth. Free will is the greatest gift offered to us from GOD. We are all free to choose our experiences.
  10. Loving all doesn’t exclude oneself and what’s right. If an act of unevolved person causing hurt to another. Then I would do whats appropriate to defend. Ones free will doesn’t give right to revoke other persons free will. Universal laws work on consequences not punishment. Like smoking cause Lung cancer.
  11. The central theme for human existence revolves around Ego. What’s in it for me and to get that by any means necessary by hook or crook is the limit of existence for most. That’s why the concept of onesess is foreign and impossible to believe. But that doesn’t change the ultimate truth of Unity that all (separation illusion) leads to the oneness.
  12. We are what we believe we are. It’s free will. Choices are infinite. Since all possibilities exist in the one. We also create what we repeatedly believe. Upon death one sees jamdoots, yamraj etc if your faith makes you believe and if your faith don’t have those you don’t see them. I have gone through a review of thousands on near death experiences cases and realized that the your belief creates your reality so why not believe in the ultimate reality that we are all one and bypass the drama.
  13. We are all one and separation is an illusion. Why would GOD punish itself for committing sins against itself. The sins are committed in ignorance of Separation and once upon death it’s realized without judgement and punishment soul moves forward for mergence into the one shedding it’s association with the ego self. The purpose of GOD is to make things move forward in evolution not to get us back for our deeds like what humans do.
  14. TOI has daily negative news on Sikhs from around the World. I have been following them for years. Same with India Today, Economic Times etc they are all the same.
  15. Life is all about free will (choice). In Choosing one has an infinite experiences to pick, like billions of people no two people mind choose all same things. One chooses Atheism one experience it. Atheism (separation) is going in an opposite direction of the ultimate truth Unity conscious (Oneness). Sikhism starts with the Ultimate truth Oneness "EK Onkar'. Most atheist Near death experiences upon crossing over (death) experiences it as hell of like minded souls full of anger, hatred and every possible selfish act imaginable as the person own conscious holds, its the hell of their own creation. Some Atheist experience it as a dark void. The absence of time factor makes the darkness void unbearable on their consciousness. The cries for help get answered by light appearing through the darkness and ending their misery. Upon crossing over manifestations are instant due to absence of time factor. So choose wisely Life is an act of self responsibility.
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