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  1. We must realize that almost half of the Gurdwaras in USA are operated by Indian government agents. This one in Elk Grove was next to our home. Nice and shiny for weddings and calling Sikh missionaries Dhunda, Ranjit Dhadrian etc to stir up trouble. Quiet a few others are the Sikh institute of Fresno calling missionaries since 2003, Selma Gurdwara, Caruthers etc. the committee members are extremely rude. They are funded by Indian government and propagate anti Sikh activities periodically to demoralize the upcoming youth in the name of Punjabi culture.
  2. I was in Amritsar April 2018. There were Good Friday- Easter poster all over. I was traveling along the highway to other Punjab areas on the Good Friday. There were numerous parades along the route with lots of Turban wearing morons carrying the cross. It was probably to trick the locals.It was quiet shocking!
  3. Here Baba Nand Singh ji predicts the future on the Left upper Page..
  4. This is an excerpt from Anand Chamatkar. Biography of Baba Nand Singh by his Hazori Ragi Gurmukh Singh. It is quiet detailed 5vols with loads of important information His father was the first sewadar of Baba Nand Singh. Baba ji died in 1943 before partition. He mentioned Tara Singh is misleading the Sikhs. Tara is collaborating with Gandhi and is going to destroy Sikhi. His words are true as we see the condition of Sikhs at present.
  5. Cha tanga is a shining example of “Good Slave” like when the white master was sick the domestic slave would say “boss we sick” They were called Uncle Tom Negros.
  6. My reference to him as a Pendu was a figure of speech for his primitive ape thinking. So your post was to glorify his hunger strike. After looking at the current state of Sikhs in India you are still looking for an opinion of him. Tara is single handley responsible for Sikh Slavery. He was told by Baba Nand Singh to keep Maharaja Patiala in the 1947 decision. Tara told kavi ( baba NAND Singh) messenger that these Chole Wale Sadhs should stay out of this since they don’t understand politics.
  7. Tara Singh enemy of Sikhs. Baba Nand Singh Nanaksar said this man would make Sikhs the Slaves of Hindu Nation. Also when. Ambedkar wanted to embrace Sikhism along with his 60 million followers.Tara Singh along with his so called Akalis discouraged him, as his leadership and status would be threatened because Ambedkar was brilliant and well known compared to this pendu ba$tard. Tara said we cannot hand over Darbar sahib to these low caste Churey Chamars.
  8. I mean Both the white Sikhs and the regular brown Indian Sikhs living abroad. It’s my option on the condition of current Sikhi. Going to hell in a handbasket.
  9. 3HO is business of selling kundalini yoga and white tantric yoga. It has nothing to do with Sikhism. They always soliciting for money. Next day after the start of the camp sure enough they announced they are short of funds for the camp and please contribute even though there was $200-300 per person fee... the white Sikh is the shiny new thing it’s Old news now. I am no longer impressed by them or our so called Western Sikhs. In Fresno Ca half of the 10 gurdwaras are controlled by Anti Sikh agents in Sikhi saroop they call these missionaries regularly and make sure they have local police on hand knowing they do it intentionally year after year including Sacramento and other Bay Area gurdwaras...stop look at other people for answers Sikhi is about you and the Guru. pictures below one from their NM gurdwara that picture on the wall? The others are from yogi 16acre mansion with his cars donated by people. No different that osho Rajneesh, Bikram yoga, mahesh yogi, Muktananda etc.....
  10. Because We don’t believe in Sikhi. It’s an old story with no current relevance. Living in USA for over 30 years dealing with Sikhs and others. living in a Punjabi Neighborhood. Only Turban Sikhs are the 80 year old guys sitting in front of there homes with garage open . Rest loads of sons grandsons and relatives coming over no trace of Sikhi.. dealing with other Sikhs are like deer in the headlight syndrome they don’t know how to act or hold a regular conversation. I also want to the Sikhnet NM camp pathetic people. I can go on and on .....Sorry to sound negative but....
  11. Of course it GOD sent. Just look at the way humans treat animals in this world. Some religions even claim humans have dominance over the animals. That Animals have no soul. Not to mention Sikhs obsessed with milk. My weekly visits to Costco for years show that Sikh people buy loads of Milk like rest of the folks obsessed with Toilet paper and Water in an emergency. Time to go Vegan. All that happens including natural disasters happen by collective consciousness.
  12. Just do a search on the stuff I have posted on Sikhsangat you will know where I am coming from. No two point of views can match since they are mind based observations. I am quiet content where I am at I hope you get some peace too rather than dragging me into a petty discussion leading to no where.
  13. I have gone through my own exhaustive research and came to this. You are more than welcome to have your own it’s all allowed in free will. But you sound no different than Muslim, Christians and Hindu fundamentalists who want to shove their own beliefs in peoples throats.
  14. To give contrast to know what you are it needs a reference point. So it can look back on itself through infinite points of reference of what it is not. So it created what it is not. Like a black dot on a white paper (reference point). So the cycle continues of separation and unity.
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