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  1. Just do a search on the stuff I have posted on Sikhsangat you will know where I am coming from. No two point of views can match since they are mind based observations. I am quiet content where I am at I hope you get some peace too rather than dragging me into a petty discussion leading to no where.
  2. I have gone through my own exhaustive research and came to this. You are more than welcome to have your own it’s all allowed in free will. But you sound no different than Muslim, Christians and Hindu fundamentalists who want to shove their own beliefs in peoples throats.
  3. To give contrast to know what you are it needs a reference point. So it can look back on itself through infinite points of reference of what it is not. So it created what it is not. Like a black dot on a white paper (reference point). So the cycle continues of separation and unity.
  4. Gurbani is speaking to an audience at various spiritual levels. The aim bottom line is the ultimate truth the oneness all else is an illusion. The basics of Bhai Khaniya serving all even so called enemies. You become what you worship. You want to stuck in an illusion of separation and reincarnation it is your choice, you will have a lot of company ie most of the world. I rest my belief in oneness and proceed through life as we are all connected with my free will it always boils down to choice...you can create new religions out of quotes in Gurbani like Radhaswamis, Namdharis, Nirankari, Ram Rahim etc by twisting and turning gurbani to fit your cause.
  5. You keep putting this Christian belief of this original sin and only way to redeem.... Please Sikhism is about unity consciousness. One God in many infinite manifestations. Gay are not looked down upon as in Christianity which is build upon separation and redemption. It’s about unconditional love for all not selectively and keep printing new versions of scriptures to their convinence. Judging condemning punishment are hallmarks of your scripture. In Christianity GOD is like a bigger version of your human father who gives and take away stuff as you please or displease him it’s a conditional not Unconditional love Sikhism is talking about.
  6. My gut instinct on him is he is a Hindu government agent to promote India as a Hindu country. Before him there was another baba Nithyananda who had plastered you tube with his videos. Had billboards in India that he will enlighten 100 million people. He was caught on video in a scandal and was on the run , later captured with large sum on money. These guys are very savvy with spiritual lingo and English and very skillfully preped to tackle audiences questions. Not to mention the name Sadhguru a slight variation of Satguru to create an aura of legitmacy Beware!
  7. scali

    Why am i here?

    Genocide, Slavery, plundering and destroying humanity by millions was a trademark of European colonials throughout the world. They were all Christians accompanied with missionaries throughout the world. Sikh history is totally opposite of the above. So by putting them in the same category is highly offensive.
  8. Lol you must be single. Ask a married man it’s the other way around. Men just give up to keep the peace.
  9. scali

    Why am i here?

    It’s all about what you believe in and what works for you. I can honestly tell you to Sikhs this all sounds a sales pitch to scare people in there is only one way to GOD. It’s to create fear and guilt in people rather than enshrine Unconditional Love which is the true nature of GOD. Sikh Guru we’re here to level out the plain not to show how special they were but how special we all are. And ways to empower all to experience the true nature of GOD in themselves, Since there is only one of us. Unfortunately history is the proof of evil acts done in the name of LORD. Crusaders , Holocost while pope sat quiet and be as silent witness Etc......The current president of USA in office with Christian vote is the biggest joke in present day history. His Christian values we are all aware of...
  10. scali

    Why am i here?

    So you mention Devil as an entity always competing for your soul against GOD. What kind of GOD is this that creates something and will ends up loosing to it in a mythical battle. It’s like the mythical Adam Eve story. Anyway Nothing has any meaning you give it meaning. Your experience emerges from the meaning you give it. There is only one entity it’s GOD all inclusive. You believe what you believe and will experience that it’s a choice. There is no one way it’s a way where many exist. Since this is an illusion All conclusions you reach in an illusion is still an illusion. With mind it’s hard to be objective towards anything since outcomes change what you believe in (quantum physics) . Thousands of Near death experiences have told reincarnations exist as they saw there previous lives when they experience NDE across all cultures even Christians. Life is about choices . Free will, Sikhs love being Sikhs it’s a very rich and rewarding experience just like you love being Christian ....
  11. As Christians Sikhs we don’t believe in the Original Sin that we are born sinners. Somehow we have inherited Adam and Eve sin and have to be always feeling guilty and redeemed from it through.......Our belief is that we are born blessed. It’s a play of consciousness of physical and spiritual world. Separation and Unity cycle it’s not supposed be a burden but a blessing. Separation is not our true nature so it feels a constant struggle for feeling normal but never does.
  12. There is only one of us GOD in many manifestations. Sikh faith is to believe in that concept until one is enlightened via Naam Simran ( repetition of Guru Mantar). So who forgives who is essentially nothing but a ego boost which a Sikh is trying to get rid of (ego)
  13. Yes I believe that we should look at the Guru for answers. I also believe Guru brought me to this valuable information in this book when I needed it most. Reading this book will put ones mind to rest if you are dealing with personal loss. Audio link
  14. Best book on death is “Home with GOD” by Neale Donald Walsh . After reading you realize no one dies before their time. The souls mission is fulfilled it’s moved on. It’s in dialogue form Neale asks questions, GOD answers. Rest you decide after reading if you get your answers.
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