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  1. In ultimate truth time is an illusion (Akal). All there is, is present the now. God created itself in many forms to create contrast ( limiting itself in forms)
  2. Yes good book. It’s about a Psychiatrist patient hypnosis journeys through her past lives. She suffered from massive anxiety issues. She comes out her anxiety better after each session and eventually completely healed. Brian Weiss MD coined named the hypnosis process Past life regression.
  3. Highest form of Bhakti per Sikhism is Simran not getting married and playing mind games with your partner. Charity begins at home if home life is hell how can one be a lighthouse for the rest. Let’s be real and stop sugarcoating the obvious.
  4. Sikhism is neither pro or anti marriage. Lavans are a discourse of soul bride and groom GOD.
  5. We are three brothers married to women from Sikh families with similar experiences, mostly negative with these women. Their side of families can come over stay for weeks while when our sides show up attitudes start flying. So I have stopped giving Spiritual meaning to Grasth Jivan. Three similar Sikh women experiences is enough data.
  6. Mentioning Grasth Jivan is same as the insurance I stated. Wives are biased toward their own families while disrespecting husbands. Sikh women are no exception. Also save your Grasth Sermon for someone who cares. Living Life is a bigger experience.
  7. I think marriage should have a expiration date of course with an option to renew.
  8. This forum has shared enough wisdom with you to get busy with your own enlightenment rather than policing others.
  9. Canada https://www.sachasaudakhalsa.com/RaghbirSinghBir USA https://sewastore.ecrater.com/c/1776239/books-by-bhai-raghbir-singh
  10. Bhai Raghbir Singh is an institution in himself.He was the founder of Atam Science trust. His book autobiography is Bandginama about his experiences of repeating Whaeguru Gurmantar and his various stages of Simran. He wrote many books. He last few conversations was how he could close his eyes and experience the presence of GOD or be GOD. Since you get Ego out of yourself with Naam Simran.
  11. JSKS.biz ordered quiet a few heavy books, Gutkas. Easy pay through PayPal and good communication with reasonable delivery time to USA.
  12. The more time I spend with people the less I like their Ego driven selfish petty ways including most Sikhs. The more I read Gurbani the truth is revealed and closer I feel to the Guru. I love the Sikhi look it’s my connection to my Guru. Guru grace is the only thing that matters. Every Sikh at their deathbed would honestly regret listening to people over their Guru.
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