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  1. Life is all about free will (choice). In Choosing one has an infinite experiences to pick, like billions of people no two people mind choose all same things. One chooses Atheism one experience it. Atheism (separation) is going in an opposite direction of the ultimate truth Unity conscious (Oneness). Sikhism starts with the Ultimate truth Oneness "EK Onkar'. Most atheist Near death experiences upon crossing over (death) experiences it as hell of like minded souls full of anger, hatred and every possible selfish act imaginable as the person own conscious holds, its the hell of their own creation
  2. Our Belief creates our reality. Its true now and after we die( actually we never die since energy changes form, we are shape shifters). Due to the factor of time on earth physical manifestation takes time. Repeated thoughts and focus create reality faster. Since there is only one of us Unity consciousness. Separation is an illusion. After the process called death we first realize we are not the body, next we experience what we hold in our mind (beliefs). At some stage when mind is purged with all the acquired beliefs we proceed to mergence and experience oneness(our true nature)
  3. This was a conversation between Baba Nand Singh ji and Kavi one of their sanghis.
  4. Let’s stick to Gurbani or this could happen IMG_7734.MP4
  5. Another good read which sent 3HO to prompt damage control. 3HO the US version of dera culture.
  6. A near death experience (NDE) “When I was eleven years old I had a weird experience. It was 12/03/1990 and I was coming back from school. When I reached our house in the village, I started having these weird hallucinations and I fell, hitting a rock directly on my head. I passed out. Here is where it began. I lifted out of my body and something pushed me into a weird place. It was like a magnet pushing me there. I then saw someone who was dead. My grandfather. He said, ‘To the stars’. I got pushed by that force and fell on my knees. Free of that power, I fell into a weird city that looke
  7. Birth Is disintegration of an integrated being in Physical plane- Body, Mind (ego, personality, not localized in brain, reside in every cell) and Soul. Death is integration- first recognition of that you were not the body. that you have no interest in your body after you die and you can exist without it. Next is purging emptying your earth belief systems ie experience dharamraj, hell etc other belief system has no mention of meeting jam doots or dharamraj. Most do have a life review to make them understand that since we are all one we were doing all bad or good to ourselves. Next mergence i
  8. First of all I commend you thinking in this direction. No one will have the right answers to all the questions, you will end up getting more confused. After taking Amrit Keep Rehat (stay away from four bajjar Kureiths) do nitnem banis and naam jaap. Just know that you can always take Amrit again after peshi to panj pyaaras if kureith occurs. If you need direction pray to Guru Sahibs they will show you the way. Thats all Good Luck.
  9. If this was true why would Gangu be employed as a cook in Guru Gobind Singh ji's house. This Jhoota food is Bhamanvaad creeping into Sikhi.
  10. This is all happening because Separation is an illusion. In truth what you are doing to another you are doing it to yourself ( including people, animals and nature etc..). Unless majority of people realize and move through life as One the illusion would continue. To raise the consciousness of the whole in an illusion would require effort of giving up ones Ego (Naam Simran and Seva principles of Sikhi) or at least have a believe in the principle of Oneness since belief creates reality. Looking at the world now it seems to be in Kindergarten and has a long way to go...
  11. Guruji has no problem with the Mosque their message is of equality. Just Like Guru Teg Bahadur Ji sacrificed his life to save Hindus. Its the Muslims or even the Christians who preach that if you don't accept Christ as their savior you will go to hell. So lets not divert from the issue. Its about GOD letting it happen due to his Hukam. His Hukam is free will, create whatever you want without restriction and face the consequences of your (actions). What point would de for GOD to lay options in front of you and restrict you from choosing them, to give a free will and then restrict it. As I see i
  12. Actually nothing has any meaning you give it meaning. All interpretation are subjective based on mind conditioning. What may seem wrong to one may be right for another based on his interpretation like Muslims believe all non Muslims are Kafirs and should be killed and their women raped and enslaved.
  13. Universe is a hologram where each part contains the whole. Essentially everything is GOD. The creation create via free will just like GOD does. There is this part in an illusion which does not remember what it fully is (GOD) so it keeps creating in ignorance. What sense would be there for to GOD punishing itself for what it allowed its creation itself to do. Soul( also GOD since that is all there ONE ) chooses to forget and recreates its path back to its source. So it can behold of what it truly is. So this physical life and infinite others creations provide the contrast in an illusion of Wha
  14. There is no such thing as right or wrong. We create via free will all is possibly without punishment. Yet there are consequences like smoking causes cancer and Liger is sterile cannot multiply.
  15. What basically lacking in Most Sikh families is installing Sikh belief via proper Sikh education to their kids. Weekend Punjabi classes in Gurdwara with Bhangra cultural events are not doing much. Doing SGGS path with meaning, reading bhai Gurdas Vaaran, Bhai Santok Singh with meaning. Lives of recent sants Attar Singh ji, Baba Nand Singh ji, Sant Karam Singh Hoti Mardan and many more detailed biographies books have been published. With all this kids will not divert from the Sikhi Path. Elementary knowledge of Sikhi is not going to cut it one will always be on defensive.
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