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  1. This is all happening because Separation is an illusion. In truth what you are doing to another you are doing it to yourself ( including people, animals and nature etc..). Unless majority of people realize and move through life as One the illusion would continue. To raise the consciousness of the whole in an illusion would require effort of giving up ones Ego (Naam Simran and Seva principles of Sikhi) or at least have a believe in the principle of Oneness since belief creates reality. Looking at the world now it seems to be in Kindergarten and has a long way to go...
  2. Guruji has no problem with the Mosque their message is of equality. Just Like Guru Teg Bahadur Ji sacrificed his life to save Hindus. Its the Muslims or even the Christians who preach that if you don't accept Christ as their savior you will go to hell. So lets not divert from the issue. Its about GOD letting it happen due to his Hukam. His Hukam is free will, create whatever you want without restriction and face the consequences of your (actions). What point would de for GOD to lay options in front of you and restrict you from choosing them, to give a free will and then restrict it. As I see i
  3. Actually nothing has any meaning you give it meaning. All interpretation are subjective based on mind conditioning. What may seem wrong to one may be right for another based on his interpretation like Muslims believe all non Muslims are Kafirs and should be killed and their women raped and enslaved.
  4. Universe is a hologram where each part contains the whole. Essentially everything is GOD. The creation create via free will just like GOD does. There is this part in an illusion which does not remember what it fully is (GOD) so it keeps creating in ignorance. What sense would be there for to GOD punishing itself for what it allowed its creation itself to do. Soul( also GOD since that is all there ONE ) chooses to forget and recreates its path back to its source. So it can behold of what it truly is. So this physical life and infinite others creations provide the contrast in an illusion of Wha
  5. There is no such thing as right or wrong. We create via free will all is possibly without punishment. Yet there are consequences like smoking causes cancer and Liger is sterile cannot multiply.
  6. What basically lacking in Most Sikh families is installing Sikh belief via proper Sikh education to their kids. Weekend Punjabi classes in Gurdwara with Bhangra cultural events are not doing much. Doing SGGS path with meaning, reading bhai Gurdas Vaaran, Bhai Santok Singh with meaning. Lives of recent sants Attar Singh ji, Baba Nand Singh ji, Sant Karam Singh Hoti Mardan and many more detailed biographies books have been published. With all this kids will not divert from the Sikhi Path. Elementary knowledge of Sikhi is not going to cut it one will always be on defensive.
  7. They are not Sikhs by any means. They are like Nirankaris, Ram Rahim types kept around by Indian government to keep Sikhs confused.
  8. This is what Radhaswamis do. Their Baba is an imposter.
  9. Here I am giving 30years on valuable first hand experience in USA. Only a low IQ would pick the “Native” out of the conversation. Native are American Indians that’s not the main idea of the topic. What are you 5year old? Not a newbie give me a break!
  10. Don’t get smart here dally@$$. You must be the Govt RSS agent lingering at this webpage. Who couldn’t handle my mention that your kind have infiltrated the Sikh institutions like Termites.
  11. Native Whites and Mexicans who are mostly majority in California D$m&@$$
  12. Similar experiences in USA for 30years. Most native people don’t know a Sikh. I really feel bad for our kids. Sikh people don’t even care about fellow Sikhs and avoid each other. Truly a pathetic community. Great religion but mostly pathetic followers. Big gurdwaras are mostly run by Indian government agents in Sikhi saroop. These are intelligence officers in Gurdwara committee keeping an eye on being whatever progress Sikhs make and portray them in negative light to the native population. We have about 4 big ones in Fresno and few in Sacramento who have misguiding youth and native people for
  13. This is the fundamental belief of Sikhism. Ek Onkar there is only one all else is an illusion. It is a divine dichotomy where two parallel realities seems to exist simultaneously. The ultimate truth and the illusion . It’s our belief that create the reality believe in GOD merge in GOD. Believe in atheism go to darkness but eventually come out of it and go to light (oneness). Death is going back to oneness. Death is more life than extinguishing life.
  14. In ultimate truth time is an illusion (Akal). All there is, is present the now. God created itself in many forms to create contrast ( limiting itself in forms)
  15. Yes good book. It’s about a Psychiatrist patient hypnosis journeys through her past lives. She suffered from massive anxiety issues. She comes out her anxiety better after each session and eventually completely healed. Brian Weiss MD coined named the hypnosis process Past life regression.
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