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To Mrkhalsa veer ji, its very nice to see someone being honest and candid about themselves and try to improve. Sikh is a learner so we are all learners thats main thing that we are learning and improving. i myself have recently discovered about year ago that i was not being honest about my bad avguns let alone try to improve so i now try to be honest with myself (thoughts/panj chor thoughts) about it and try to improve it- each day its getting better by maharaj kirpa. Jealously is part of bigger bad attribute in maya - dvaish (partiality-dualism)/panj chor which we all are affected by it except for bhramgyanis and guru maharaj.

Solution- Ardas to guru maharaj, sehaj patt of gurbani on pankitiyas which talks about dvaish/dualism and updesh to get rid of it for eg- Bisar gayi sab tat praaie and during starting of simran do vichar- bring face of who you are jealous of - see eye to eye in them and see same light of vahiguroo in them radiant in all as per gurbani updesh- sabh gobind hai sabh gobind hai, it has worked for me significantly in the past and continue to work as these maya tendencies is to do with our perception. Our perception is seeing two (dualstic) because of maya influence and past life tendacies, major portion of our spiritual journey is to change our perception from two to one ek dristha/ek dristh (Ik0ngkar)..!!

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We were born with everything, the jewel is Nothing- this is the Truth that God discovered after many ages as per gurbani Truth has no form no image, na roop na rekh na rang.

There is either truth which is Nothing- or maya which is Something.

So what have we got to be jealous of- we already have the priceless treasure- the Only treasure- people are just too greedy and attached to image to understand it.

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