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What Impresion Your Community Has Of Latin Women?

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I absolutely LOVE Latin people, even though our people are from two completely separate continents on opposite sides of the world, it is amazing how many things we have in common!

1) We look similar. A lot of Punjabis in America get mistaken for Mexicans, and up here in Canada, I know a few Latin people who look like they are Punjabi.

2) The food! Your food is so yummy, I can't stand most European/"white" (sorry, couldn't think of a better word LOL) because it is so bland and tasteless. Your food has flavor, and, just like us, for you guys, the spicier the better!

3) Your music is wonderful, makes you want to get up and dance your socks off. Bhangra has the exact same effect, you wanna get on your feet and dance till the roosters crow.

4) You are a hot-headed people, just like us, very loud and vocal, never shy about anything. I don't know if this is a good thing lol :p

5) Most Latins I know are always in a good mood, just like Punjabis. Chardi Kala and high spirits are embraced in both cultures.

Oh and we're not muslims, very different in fact, just because some muslims don't like you, doesn't mean we don't either. Our religions are completely different, and I don't know how it would be possible to paint all Latin people with the same brush, you have good and bad in every race.

As for Punjabi girls, most of them are nice, don't let the bad behavior of a few make you think all are like that. They probably just don't like it that you're dating a Punjabi guy, my GF is white and we get stares from Punjabi girls a lot too, can't really do anything about it.

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My boyfriend is Punjabi i thought he was Puerto Rican :p, but he was a gentleman. From all latín countries I don't get along with Puerto Ricans big egotism. So I wad surprise he was nice until he told me he was Indian Punjabi.I was like what? I mean never thought about dating Indian, nothing against its just you guys aren't popular in our community the big deal are the white European.

I work in Chipotle you must here about it if you're in USA and have lots of Indian customers big families come all the time and they put lots of hot salsa, I'm not fan of spicy food since I have burn stomach everything its too spicy.

My boyfriend loves the music he doesn't know what it says but he puts it all the time.Sometimes while we close the restaurant were allowed to put music of our choice and sometimes we still customers and every time I put mine I'm not liying Indian customers were ask me the names of song or singer :p

On the laud thing, Im shy at first I'm just laud only when feel comfortable with the people around. Funny thing I have a really good sense of humor that's why my boyfriend its my boyfriend I'm a dork :p

I know you guys aren't Muslims and I know some American Muslims and there very nice people I like them.Same with some Indian customers specially regular customers. But won't lie I had my bad moments dealing with bad attitude customers but that's in all races. Less on white though.

I ask because those girls say that Latinas were seen like sexual toys to Indians cause after all they only will marry classy Indians not sluty latins.

I know were famous because were sexybut that doesnt mean we all have to be sluty, so I was thinking. What if Indian people really think that about us? I felt very sad .

thanks for replying

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It doesn't matter what the community thinks, you should only be concerned with what your boyfriend & his family thinks !

Everyone is unique so treat everybody as an individual.

My advice, it's better to have a relationship with someone who speaks the same language, comes from a similar cultural background & social class.

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