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Baba Ranjit Singh Khalsa Dhadrianwale Replies To Media Untruths: Now Hear Our Truth – “Only Guru Granth Sahib Ji Influences My Life & Parchaar”

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rMig hsih rMig rovih cup BI kir jwih ]

ra(n)g hasehi ra(n)g rovehi chup bhee kar jaahi ||

In the Lord's Love, they laugh, and in the Lord's Love, they weep, and also keep silent.

prvwh nwhI iksY kyrI bwJu scy nwh ]

paravaah naahee kisai kaeree baajh sachae naah ||

They do not care for anything else, except their True Husband Lord.

21st September 2013

During a Gurmat Parchaar Diwaan on 20th Septemeber 2013, held in Chandigarh, the esteemed Parchaarak of the Khalsa Panth Baba Ranjit Singh Khalsa Dhadrianwale have spoken about false and misrepresented reporting by media in recent as well as historic times.

A clip from the live Diwaan that should be watched by all who utilise modern online and print media can be seen in the following link:

If one is walking on the path of truth, they need not be concerned about what others may think.

Within a gathering of thousands, Baba Ranjit Singh Khalsa Dhadrianwale recounted the absurd tale that had surfaced on a social network site a few weeks ago alleging they had received a ‘rare’ Apple iPhone 5 mobile telephone worth Indian Rupees 92 Crore from a foreign supporter. Although this "92 Crore Mobile" story was ignored as a joke believed to be fabricated by immature parties on the internet, without grounds or proof, the same fairytale submitted by a journalist was published as a highlighted half page story within a Punjabi newspaper in India whilst Baba Ranjit Singh were on their 2013 UK Visit for Gurmat Parchaar.

“Am I mad to own a 92 Crore Mobile Phone? With every Crore, 92 charitable hospitals could be made for the poor, we are trying to make one and only we know how we are doing it. Who can even consider the very existence of a Mobile Phone worth 92 Crore?”

Baba Ranjit Singh said the same press that had decided to report this huge untruth is now saying ‘the Baba has become our fan’, when a few days ago it was surprisingly reported the Editor-in-Chief of a newspaper had ‘changed’ the life and Parchaar of Dhadrianwale. Such reporting must be questioned as only a couple weeks before, the same press had attempted to create humiliation with false tales and now they are alleging Baba Ranjit Singh is their ‘Chela’ who has suddenly come under their influence? Baba Ranjit Singh have said they’re life has been changed by Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj and Maharaj Ji alone will be the one to make any changes.

Baba Ranjit Singh have said, “This is my statement, what I say in the open in the presence of Guru Granth Sahib Ji” and not what some writer has written, which some newspaper has then decided to publish. The logic behind stories that a book written by an Editor of a newspaper has changed their life and Parchaar should be questioned. Baba Ranjit Singh have asked, “What is written in their books which I have ever spoken about on stage, can anyone show me?” Those Gurmukhs who have done something in their life can create influence because of their actions, not because of their solitary writings. There are plenty of writers, but only those few can influence others who have actually achieved something for the nation.

Baba Ranjit Singh never wore a Kalgi, but the same press said they did. They never had a ‘red light’ on top of their car, but the same press said they did. A Singh (Sukhwinder) said his hair was cut-off and even the High Court found he was lying, but the same press published that story as the truth. It is Baba Ranjit Singh’s statement that they have never been given a 92 Thousand Rupees Mobile Phone, let alone one worth 92 Crore Rupees, but yet again the press published that laughable lie also. The legal ownership of Gurdwara Parmeshar Dwar Sahib and any personal property was transferred to Guru Granth Sahib Ji years ago, so the question arises why would Baba Ranjit Singh have the desire for overly expensive Mobile Phones (even if such a Mobile did exist)?

Baba Ranjit Singh questions, “These people report such lies and after a couple of weeks I apparently declare I have suddenly come under their influence, that these ‘gossip writers’ have changed my life? No, those who change lives are those with ‘Karni’ and ‘Kamayee’, those like Sant Baba Jarnail Singh Ji.”

However, those who consider there to be a material truth in such a story will then also believe the recent fabrication that they own a 92 Crore Mobile. Baba Ranjit Singh demands, “In that case, I ask them to go and find me such a Mobile, from where it has come, who bought it, where they bought it, where they gave it, from where was it purchased, how did they pay for it, how did it get to me – if this can be proved, then I will stop doing Parchaar altogether.”

The Parchaarak has said, again and again, that if any person has doubts, such people are welcome to approach them directly and they will be ready to give answers as always, but, “why such big lies?” In the event they are unable to provide a reasonable answer, then those people can carry on propagating what they wish to. Baba Ranjit Singh said if they sit all day at Gurdwara Parmeshar Dwar Sahib waiting for Sangat to come and meet them (like a “Dera”), no one will say anything against them. It is purely because they are doing Parchaar at the ground-level that the smear campaigns are being instigated. They said the smear campaigns are not because of them, but because of their truthful Parchaar. They tell people to stop drinking alcohol, keep uncut hair, perform simple weddings, avoid dancing, and don’t become followers of ‘Heer Ranjha’ - when this type of truthful and fearless Parchaar is carried out, it results in offending certain people and those people then search for any excuse to stop such Parchaar from taking place (even to the extent of concocting fairytales). Some people say they have a 2 Crore pen, a 10 Crore Khanda and charge 10 Lakh for a Diwaan. “Carry on I say, next they will say my car engine is made out of silver.” Baba Ranjit Singh have stated that when they say one thing and do something else, on that day shoot them within the Sangat, but until then, do not invent stories or believe such propaganda. Misrepresentation will not be tolerated.


- ENDS -

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I went to a few diwaans of Baba Ji over the past few months and he was brilliant. Although I do remember the interview a few years where he said he had red light on his car, so I can't have imagined that surely? I heard it on a Panjabi radio station. There was also a video showing people bowing to him on his birthday as he was wearing a kalgi - was that fake or something? I honestly can only go from what he says during his programmes, and they seem to be above board.

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watch from 2:00 very funny "10 days ago the newspaper was cursing me, and now they saying I'm their biggest fan"

the spokesman newspaper has just proven that it is not a reliable source of information and is just a propaganda machine.

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