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Life of an outcast – Only a few will relate by Butch Singh

As I sit here in my jail cell knowing I will get out when I am an old man with white hair, I reminisce of the days our unit was tight and full of life. The days we had belief and confidence in our own people. We were naive, fresh and full of energy, from the streets we got into the Sikhi scene to make a difference to the onslaught that our community was facing. But first we had to wake people up on to what was happening, what a task that was init self as our community likes to bury their heads in the sand. When you try and wake people up instead of support a lot of Sikhs will claim that you are attention seeking (until <banned word filter activated> hits their doorstep then their tone changes).

I used to read Sikh history and two things that stood out were Granth and Panth. These are the 2 things that make a Sikhs mentality unique. They also gave all our past shaheeds their strength and passion. The Mistake us naive reformed Sikhs make is that we think that both Granth and Panth are still there. Obviously the Granth is still here as the Gurbani has not been changed and the power is the same. But the Panth has gone weak; there are so many divisions, views, and hidden agendas, that the Sikh community is only a community in theory on paper. When you read Sikh history and do not have much experience with modern day Sikhs you assume everyone is on the same Panthic vibe as the ancient Sikhs, but the deeper we got into it the more we found out, that not many had the pure Panthic spirit that was once there in our past. That same spirit which made our History Glorious was missing from the majority of nowadays Sikhs. If you look at our history it is not surprising we had so many warriors, it was the community spirit and hope that gave you a certain percentage of bravery to fight wars for your people. Nowadays we have so many victims and rarely ever any warriors, the media is full of incidents of Sikhs being victims, but very rarely do you see a heroic story. The truth is a lot of people have lost hope in the community due to bad experiences and tend to live as outkasts as they feel rejected and do their own thing. When most of the community is doing their own ting, there is a gap in information and help (community cohesion). When there is a gap like that it becomes a community’s weakness and produces uneducated and unaware Sikhs who become easy targets.

It is hard to shout out unity when the core of the so called Panth (if that even exists these days) is corrupted with haters, egos, hidden agendas, snakes, Fakes and backstabbers. Bad experiences lead you to become isolated from and bitter towards your own community. When you reach this stage you tend to lose hope in your community and live your life as an outkast who is weary and never opens their heart like they once did. When your own community hurts you and betrays you more than your enemies do, what do you expect to produce from such results? When I look around I see more and more outkasts that are losing hope in their community. There are too many issues within our own people that have broken our community spirit and are pushing people away from Panthic thinking. Some wounds are too hard to heal especially when the same wound has been opened up many times again and again.

I am not writing this as a negative article, or to push people away from the panth. I am relating the reality of how some people as such as I feel. It is sad that we have become outkasts but this is the times we live in.

Your sincerely Butch Singh,

HMP Brixton

P.s Happy Bandi Chor Diwas, and May Sikhs free themselves from the doom and gloom that we cause to our own with our foul ways! This article is not some cry baby <banned word filter activated>, it is unfortunately how a lot of people from the streets feel! I have heard about Khalsa Aids work for the shaheeds families of 1984 that is a step in the right direction to heal the wounded spirit. We trust no worldly authority and are never blind to the flaws of worldly governments; all my real Singhs stay true.

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True words. When your own people have shown you nothing but contempt and treachery, whilst the so-called "other" was the only one to give you a hand when you most needed it, what is a person to think?

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