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What One Means When He/she Says Do 108 Mala ?

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sangat ji waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

dass wanted to ask 2 questions regarding jaaping naam

1. when one says do 32 mala of mool mantar , what ones means ? daas means how to bdo it? are all malas contains same no. of beads if yes how much?

2. how one exactly uses mala to keep count of jaap

thanks in advance

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Not entirely sure what you are asking but a few basic points below. Hopefully I've not over simplified it for you.

One mala has 108 beads. So to do jaap of Mool Mantr you just recite one Mool Mantr per bead moving along continuously until you reach the end of the mala. To do 32 mala you need to repeat what I've just said 32 times.

Sometimes you see people with a smaller mala. These have 27 beads so 4 small malas equal one large one (4 * 27 = 108).

The whole point of using a mala is to keep count. I suppose when you are doing a large number of malas then you need an extra mala to keep count of how many malas you've done. Alternatively, get yourself a "clicker" or phone app which you can use to increment the count.

Please remember that using a mala is just a tool to help you progress spiritually by setting you a target.

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