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Scared To Death Please Help

Guest papibanda

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Guest papibanda

Dear saadsangat ji,

Waheguru ji ka khalsa shri waheguru ji ke fateh.

I did kukarm and I feel very bad and almost scared to death. I am not sure if baba ji will forgive me. I amgoing for hiv test and scared to death waiting for results. please pray for me every minute and second i am having nervous breakdown. I feel very bad. I promise will never do such kukarm again in life. please please please do benti for me. I am doing ardas to waheguru ji :(

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Look i dont know whether praying will change the results of the HIV test, you kind of have to live with what you did. so depending on whether you are HIV Positive or not, you can change after you get your results. Whats done is done, and honestly you can not change that, but you can change how you are after that.

I hope all goes well


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Lol, you are really selfish - firstly you do kukarm and then you want us to do path for you? You are a man.. You are responsible for your actions.. Doesnt matter if you are Sikh, Christ , Muslim or whatever.. I can only agree with the post above from Wingz23. I wish that your Test is negative . Hopefully if it is negative you learn from your deeds..

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Its not good what you have done, but dont agree with what the above say. Everybody makes mistakes in life, just depends on which ones.

If everyone was perfect we would not be here.

That is such a nasty thing to say that the test is negative, we cannot make decisions ourselves to punish people that is work of God, not ours.

This may wake up the original poster, and start doing somethin different and positive with their life.

Somebody once said to me to ask sangat on here to do ardas too. But i said no, for this exact reason of the replies people give and judge you when they dont know your situation or how you get into a mess. Instead people give baduba, which is not very mature.

Have the test done and pray to god yourself, as i have learned no matter what your illness is, there is always somebody that is going to put you down.

I dont know wat this kukarm is, but you are brave to ask for ardas considering what you did.

Leave it to ask God.

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HIV can largely be contracted through needles which are reused, it is spread widely all over the world and a large portion of muslims all over the world are in denial of it- I think we shouldn't lower ourselves to the level of falsehood, but be truthful about our communities vices so that we can correct it.

There are a whole other set of illnesses/diseases that can be contracted through intercourse apart from hiv there is herpes, crabs, gonorrhea, chlamydia, hepatitis and others (most of which if detected early on can be treated, some with antibiotics or creams or alternatives). HIV if detected in the early on can be treated so that it doesn't become aids and become fatal. Medication for HIV is really getting better, there are also methods in the development to stop HIV spreading to your children if you conceive or you can adopt, adoption is a noble deed aswell, alot of orphans need homes, parents and caring environments around them.

Alot of people who are perfectly sure of not having HIV do undergo HIV tests which just involve blood tests for precautionary measures for other illnesses which require intense medication. Since HIV is a sensitive matter, the results are usually only exclusively released to the patient with absolute confidentiality. Also if you are going to regardless be promiscuous be slightly more selective of your partners (avoid no strings attached one-night-stands) and use condoms (some people might not like that advice but the last thing we want is to turn into the catholic church and the issues they have generated in Africa by prohibiting condoms for pro-life). Better yet follow the Gurus rehat of grist and go get married but if you are infected be sure to tell them before you marry. In america there have been people put in jail for spreading HIV without telling the other consenting partner about it, it was equated to murder. It's happened in the Uk aswell http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leicestershire-24061547

I also think some psychological help would be beneficial just so that you can help get past the barriers you will face in society, it will help to a strong mental core when being challenged with such a thing so that you can come to terms with your condition and live out your life. In punjab alot of Sikhs have contracted HIV from dirty needles through the 70% drug use among youngsters and the increase of prostitution and use of prostitutes in punjab.

If you are worried about finding a partner after this episode there are alot of people in our community with similar problems who need partners, many potential partners are available in India who suffer from poverty some are social outcasts for various reasons but would be very loving and acceptable partners.

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