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Indian Pm Manmohan Gandhi To Retire...

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Manmohan Singh forgot the very people who gave him the grace to be prime minister, it did require sikhs to vote for him in his running. After which he tells Sikhs to forget about 84 and does nothing then as his term draws near to an end he feels sorry for those who lost lives. Manmohan Singh will go in Sikh history as another one of our poor leaders, he did nothing about putting people in prison or the very least helping victims from 84 like the widow colony. Manmohan Singh did win the favour of Obama when he was famously holding up his wine glass, Manmohan Singh won the favour of his hindu supporters when he was doing shiv pooja.

But he forgot about the people who voted for him those who he is from. It's also terrible that the delhi genocide of sikhs is always mixed into establishing khalistan since there are many hindu politicians and hindu masses who are for some type of justice like putting people in jail and helping out victims, yet when the whole establishing khalistan is our only justice comes into it, you lose more then 80% of India's support aswell as masses of international support who aren't interested in religious states when they reflect on how bad shariah is internationally and how much in denial all the islamists are in about it.

I think we also need to reflect on Manmohan Singh successor Rahul gandhi who enjoys patronising sikhs every chance he gets either by wearing a turban showing hair from the front, or picking up a sikh turban and wearing it as a hat in public on public television broadcasting all over the world, or talking about his sikh slaves (servants). Rahul Gandhi was accussed of rape, the rape victim came forward, details were put on the news and everything disappeared. Rahul gandhi is the son and grandson of two mass sikh killers, the descendent of pandit ganghu who sold out mata gujri (mother of 10th guru and wife of 9th) and 2 little sons of guru gobind singh. Rahul gandhi reflect alot of ignorance when he speaks, his speaches focus not on hard hitting issues but far too simplistic dialogues which are more fit for a grocer then a potential prime minister. Not to mention that people don't like his mother being italian and being in the driving seat most of the time.

The only real alternative we have is Narendra Modi who is accused of killing Muslims but has strong ties to sikhs, the akali dal, the sgpc, badal and dgmc. Narendra modi is a strong candidate but there are probably more chances people who were involved in the sikh delhi riots from the congress party will be put in prison rather (the bjp claims they helped sikhs in delhi aswell by hiding them in mobs), if Rahul Gandhi comes into power he will sweep it all under the carpet. Nor is Rahul Gandhi a phd holder or specialist in finance nor does he have any other academic skills or work skills which make him suitable for being a candidate apart from which family he was born into. It's time for the nehru-dynasty to collapse and be removed from politics. Rahul gandhi's credentials are extremely poor when compared to the massive political career that Mr Modi has who is a living legend of Indian politics.

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1. Congress is attacking AAP and Kejriwal. it's all over the news. If a few people are making positive statements about AAP does not mean it is aligned with congress. This is just a conspiracy theory being floated by BJP in order to confuse voters who now see a clean corruption free alternative to the two corrupt parties of India Congress and BJP who take turns in looting India.

2. It is not 'undisputed'. This is Hindu propaganda. Sometimes Hindus say Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale is congressi, sometimes they say he is ISI agent. First make up your mind. That documentary which is an episode of Pradhan Mantri is pure propaganda. We totally reject it. If you want to know about Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, watch Swami Subramanian's interview on this subject who knew Sant Jarnail Singh very well or read A.R. Darshi's book "the gallant defender". And before you say it is Khalistani propaganda, know that Swami and Darshi are both Hindus.

3. The BJP might win, I'm not doubting this. But AAP will get a huge chunk of votes at the expence of both congress and bjp which is why both congress and bjp have stopped attacking each other and are now directing their attacks towards Kejriwal/AAP. With the rising cost of things due to inflation the common man does not have time nor mind to think about foreign policy, defence which are usually issues raised by politicians to alarm and distract the common man so that he does not question the politicians while they are busy looting the country.

Everything comes from the economy - EVERYTHING!

Health care, social programs, national defence, police and justice systems, education, infrastructure etc.. because a strong economy allows you to pay for them. And in a globalized economy where your best customers are overseas it would be prudent to take a gander at your foreign policy and dealings with other economies and nations.

I think the opposite might happen. The Congress party is so hated in India that any party that ties up with them may also get a beat down. People are not going to be fooled again and again..BTW, Kejriwal is not running for the Lok Sabha elections as per latest news.

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2014 calendar mirrors 1947

CHANDIGARH: It is a surreal coincidence, the likes of which rarely happen and go down in the annals of history when they do. The year of Independence, 1947, started with a Wednesday and this year also starts with the same day. There's more. All the days and national holidays of 2014 correspond with 1947. Even Independence Day, August 15, falls on a Friday, like it did in 1947. For city residents, this strengthens the desire to experience the intensity of 1947 again. Jyoti Mahajan, a working woman from Sector 15 said, "It is quite surprising that the calendar matches 1947 exactly. I have heard many stories about the year of independence from my mother. It is like reliving those days".

Meanwhile, astrologers say this is an auspicious time for marriages. Pandit Chotu Nath, a resident of sector 19 said, "This year is auspicious for marriages. There are 103 auspicious days in the year for marriages to be solemnized. Every month has more than 10 auspicious dates, only the month of December has four auspicious dates." Sushmita Saini, a resident of Sector 2, Panchkula said, "My fiance and I have been looking for an auspicious period to get married. He lives abroad so we both needed time but its great that the whole year is auspicious".

Residents are also very excited about the fact that unlike last year, this time all holidays fall on weekdays. Damanpreet Kaur, a student of the mass communications department, Panjab University said, "Thankfully, all holidays fall on weekdays. If they fall on weekends, they get wasted because weekends are anyway meant to rest", she smiled.

Guess what all these idiots totally forgot? A new country was also formed in 1947 :)

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