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Urgent Actions To Take To Get Answers From The Uk Government On Its Complicity In The Massacre Of Innocent Sikhs In June 1984

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Urgent actions to take to get answers from the UK Government on its complicity in the massacre of innocent Sikhs in June 1984

Courtesy of the Sikh Federation (UK)


You can find who your local MP by visiting: http://findyourmp.parliament.uk

You can e-mail your MP by visiting: https://www.writetothem.com/

Dear [Name Here] MP,


Following the release of documents under the ’30-year rule’ and revelations that the UK Government had direct involvement in the Indian army assault on the Sri Harmander Sahib Complex (often referred to the Golden temple Complex) the Prime Minister asked the Cabinet Secretary to undertake an urgent internal review on 13 January 2014.

Three weeks later many more questions have arisen and the British Sikh community and Parliament need urgent answers. Sikh representatives met with the Cabinet Secretary last week on Wednesday 29 January and were provided with the terms of the review a couple of days later on 31 January.

The Sikh Federation (UK) has shared the terms of the review widely within the Sikh community. I am dismayed the terms of the review were not formally made available to Parliamentarians or the Sikh community at the outset.

I am also concerned that certain documents and files that may not be sensitive from a security perspective will not be disclosed as they may show the UK Government and the Indian authorities in a bad light at the time.

Media reports suggested that the review would also examine why the initial letters from February 1984 had been released under the 30-year rule. It has been suggested the letters came out in error, although the letters appear not to come under any FOI exemption. The terms of the review we have been sent make no mention of what has been reported in the mainstream media and inconsistent with what the Prime Minister’s spokesman stated to the media when the review was first announced.

I would be grateful if you could raise the following questions with the Prime Minister and/or Foreign Secretary immediately or when an announcement is made about the review in the House and you are able to put questions directly:

  1. When will an announcement be made in Parliament on the results of the review and if a report will be made available in advance to Parliamentarians to allow appropriate questions to be asked
  2. Why the terms of the review have not yet been made available to Parliamentarians and not shared at the outset with the Sikh community.
  3. If and why the terms of the review have been changed since the announcement on 13 January.
  4. Whether the review will be looking at Operation Sundown involving the possible advice and training input of an SAS officer on the kidnapping of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale from the Sri Harmander Sahib Complex.
  5. Whether the review will look at the broader events of 1984 raised in Prime Minister Questions on 15 January. For example, Operation Woodrose, which was designed to crush public protest by Sikhs in Punjab, that took place in the months after Operation Blue Star. Within four to six weeks of the operation around 100,000 Sikhs, overwhelmingly young men were taken into custody, interrogated, tortured and many went missing.
  6. Whether the Prime Minister will use this opportunity to disclose what the UK Government knows of the Genocide of tens of thousands of Sikhs in November 1984 and the involvement of Indian politicians, police officers and other officials.
  7. Whether the Prime Minister will support the campaign to have the events of 1984 to be recognised as Genocide on the international stage.
  8. Whether the Prime Minister will agree to a wide-ranging independent judge-led inquiry given the revelations of direct UK involvement and the huge loss of innocent Sikhs lives in 1984.
  9. The extent of engagement with the Indian authorities in the last few weeks since the revelations and the announcement of the review and if the Indian authorities have tried to influence the findings for the UK Parliament.
  10. Why the review has been limited to a document search and interviews in relation to a narrow period mainly running up to June 1984, but not looked at the last half of 1984. For example, did the review look at the threat of possible sanctions by India against the UK, Germany, Canada and USA towards the end of 1984 for sympathising with Sikhs in the Diaspora following Operation Blue Star, Operation Woodrose and the Genocide of Sikhs in November 1984.
  11. Whether the Prime Minister to avoid a repeat of the situation will disclose early others papers concerning Sikhs, the UK Government and the Indian establishment so the truth can come out on the extent to which the Indian authorities have over the last 30 years tried to silence the Sikh voice of opposition in the UK.
  12. Whether the Foreign Secretary will commit for there to be quarterly meetings between Sikh representatives and Foreign Office Ministers.

As your constituent I would like you to continue to raise this matter directly with the Prime Minister and in Parliament.

I shall be grateful if you would provide me with your personal views on this matter and also provide me with a copy of any representations you make on my behalf.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

[Your full name]

[Address and Postcode]

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Excellent work Khalsa Ji by highlighting the above.

The review etc isn't even good enough. We need a minimum of £100million ploughed into community projects in Punjab for the upliftment of poor Sikhs suffering illiteracy, cancer, infanticide, social discrimination, drugs, alcohol etc given this UK Government assistance in the Genocide against Sikhs. Can you give us some of your thoughts Khalsa Ji on how Sikh Federation UK and Sikh Council UK can join hands to actively and aggressively lobby for this £100million compensation by June 2014 to mark 30years.

The Department for Internation Development regularly doles out billions overseas so the Sikh Qaum should be able to secure this if we try.

I do not advocate any fool burns the Union Jack as a way of getting our point across (as i suspect GOI will try defame us like that).

Also Khalsa Ji related to the Hyde Park Peace Remembrance and Rights Rally on June 8th 2014 can you give your thoughts on:

The painful history of 1984 and the Genocide occurred and there's nothing we can do to turn back time now.

However, 30 years on what we youth in the West can certainly do is set ourselves aims and objectives as members of the Sikh Panth to hit the following targets for Panthic upliftment by combatting drugs, alcohol, biraderi, infanticide, illiteracy, cancer and poverty. All bakhre bakhre Gurdware must be merged as soon as possible.

UK Sangat to raise £30 million plus by June 2014

Canadian Sangat to C$30 million plus by June 2014

American Sangat to raise $30 million plus by June 2014

Other Diaspora Countries Sangat should target $10million plus by June 2014

India-based Sangat could arguably raise R300crores plus by June 2014

And with an eventual target of national Panj Pyaaray representatives from each country handing over their respective nation Sangat's cheques to the SGPC for firewalled projects for Panthic Upliftment in combatting drugs, alcohol, infanticide, biraderi, illiteracy, cancer and poverty and every penny of the funds presented to SGPC in June 2014 being watched over by auditors to confirm that Badal Dal cannot access, use or waste a single penny of the funds raised by Sangat, thereby transforming SGPC into a clean saanjha charitable vehicle for the Upliftment of the Poor and management of United Gurdwara's as it was always intended.

Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj must be translated into Tamil, Bengali, Oriya, Telugu etc, etc to get the Truth of what Sikhi represents out there further.

Rather than just remembering the past, we need to actively attack the current silent Genocide occuring via infanticide, drugs, cancer, illiteracy, biraderi and poverty.

Let's hear every forum members idea's on how we actually make this happen. Let's all contact Sikh organisations and us as Sangat try spread this agenda like a virus!

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