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** Latest Update - Supreme Court Tells Centre...."you Inform Us, Or Else We Will Make Our Own Decision" **

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Yesterday, SOPW had been informed by the family of Professor Bhullar, that the Supreme Court met to hear the petition filed by Navneet Kaur, on behalf of her husband Professor Devinderpal Singh Bhullar. She has appealed for his death sentence to be commuted to life imprisonment on the grounds of his mental health and because of the inordinate delay by the Government in deciding his mercy petition.

In an earlier hearing, the Centre had been granted a further two weeks to decide upon the petition but today, the Court was told that it was "still under consideration". The bench, headed by Chief Justice Sathasivam, adjourned the case and told Attorney General Vahanvati, "if you inform us (about the decision taken) it is well and good or we will decide the case”.

The Chief Justice also revealed that there have been recent cases where the Government has not taken the advice of its law officers seriously and the Centre has rejected their letters outright.

The Court will meet again around 26 March when the Centre will be given a further opportunity to submit their decision in this case.


Sikh Organisation For Prisoners Welfare (SOPW)

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    • This is the kind of barnyard I like yee-haw!! 
    • Japan does an excellent job of that. The lowest paid people still make a living with benefits and retirement mostly and the well paid people are still well paid just more moderately so. It's called a genie coefficient I believe. Japan's is shaped like an hour glass with very few ultra rich or ultra poor and the united states is an hour glass ...or almost pawn shape...with almost everyone residing in the bottom, a vanishing or vanished middle and some few at the top. 
    • I agree, and these protests have mainly targeted government buildings. There are a multitude of factions involved, not all black by any means, and the human rights movement doesn't lose my support over a starbucks, which is a multinational corp not a cha wala, getting trashed or some multi generational plantation money owned store that's insured getting trashed, especially by a mixed segment of the entire population plus provacateurs.  Would I bother looting unless I truly needed survival supplies in an apocalypse? No I wouldn't, but it's really another excuse to not have to change the status quo to say looting happened during your protests so your issue isn't valid anymore.  Common deflections are  But they looted.. They commit a crime once... That was a long time ago... None of which changes the centuries old history and tradition of cultural oppresion, murder, rape, incarceration, bigotry, humiliation that continues strong to this day, perpetrated by a government, it's military and police force upon races of people. We are a constitutional country of law on paper and some of us expect that to be respected and some of us know it's a lie, but either way people have their limits.  You have racist cops, doing a hack job of even managing to murder someone on camera. They ought to be embarrassed for one. Cops throwing up white power and laughing. You think 400 years of that isn't going to get some stores wrecked in addition to government buildings? I know people with murdered family members in this country in my community. Police murders that resulted in settlements and gag orders because they did such a poor job of even covering it up. 
    • Maybe they thought they could clown you because they could get away with it? 😁 
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