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Spiritual Health

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How do we achieve inner peace and find meaning and purpose in life on today's unnatural hectic society. Where most people are so far away from reality due to the modern stressors on the mind. To even begin to achieve this first your mind has to be in the right frame of mind or you will struggle to get to that level of spiritual enlightenment.

for instance 200 years ago people were more spiritual and open to religion. Due to their mind being free from the many ill effects of modern society . ie bad diet, no exercise. all this effects the mind and consequently ones spiritual health as we cannot attain spiritual well being when our mind is not correctly functioning to begin with. Just like our bodies have become overweight and unhealthy due to diet and nutrition so has our mind. but the only difference is you cannot see your mind hence its not that obvious to people and ourselves to the actual condition of it. Its like trying to run a marathon when you haven't done any exercise all your life and then suddenly have to run 26 miles.

ie if your mind is unhealthy how can you actually be a good Sikh and even understand and feel the benefits of peace from region when our minds are completely out of shape. I believe to reach this goal, first your mind needs to be in shape also before you can even fully begin start this journey.

what causes our minds to become unbalanced and lead us onto the path of self destruction and also committing bad deeds?? ie to feel the pleasure that comes from our religion first our brain must be in an actual position to feel this.

I think one of the best things we can do to get our mind in shape is to do physical exercise. as exercise is not only good for our physical health but also more importantly good for our brain/mind. I would say we need to jog a few miles a day.

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What the jist of this thread is.

How can one truthfully and fully experience Waheguru if our mental state is not ready to connect. ie due to the modern lifestyle ie poor diet high in fat and low in essential fruit and veg. This has a big determent to our mental well being and health. It causes us to be unable to connect to God even if we wanted to.

to fully experience God we first have to get our minds healthy otherwise it wont come from the heart.

Im not saying you wont be able to experience God. But not to the full potential. That only comes when the mind is pure and clean and correctly working to its full potential.

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    • The way I see it is that it depends on the spiritual stage of the couple. Remember we are not robots programmed to act in a such manner. There is no program/software put in us to behave only in such particular way.   Giving example based on original topic here. One couple who are amritdhari but their spiritual jeevani is at - let say beginner level.  They believe issues like eating outside or sexting between them is ok. This is because their inner mind (spiritual level) does not make them think that it is wrong ‘yet’.  Now another couple who are practicing Sikhi at high spiritual level and their mind says to refrain eating outside and indulge in any sexting etc etc at all cost. That is their gurmat oriented Khalsa lifestyle.   They both are Sikh couple at different spiritual stage. There is no quick fix to make the young couple think otherwise, unless they advance to the higher spirituality with help of sangat and their own self-discipline.    Now you will also see folks following rules to refrain from certain things such as above 2 issues.. but the only negative part is that they are doing it without their inner spiritual awakening. Now, it is always good to have rules for newbie to follow but it is a temporary roadmap bridge to get on high ground of spirituality. We have lot of those folks who are stuck at that ‘suppose to be temporary bridge’ and not moving forward. To them rules are rules but to understand behind those rules, they will only understand the real meaning when they have their own spiritual awakening. Until then we will see negative  cases like divorces, them being victims of Panj vikars etc etc.
    • Same as today any writer can write about general majority of Sikhs being non-turbaned, drinking or some smoking. 100 years later we cannot simply believe that they were the actual Sikh. Just like in past there were actual Sikhs who followed guru path and some who were on and off that path with their weakness. Maharaja Ranjit is the perfect example of a Sikh who was not a Sikh in our guru eyes with his lifestyle. 
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      Are there any Mahapurakh in physical form alive today in our panth?
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